There are a multitude of different factors that can harm our roofs and cause damage to them. Rain can cause leakage if the gutters aren’t clear, hail can crack and break tiles, the sun can bleach roofs due to its intense UV rays, and wind can even rip off shingles completely.

Due to the destructive potential of the weather, there are many protective measures that homeowners put in place to give their roofs the best chance of survival; however, the weather is not the only hazard that roofs need to be protected from.

In fact, one of the most devastating hazards that can cause some serious harm to not just your roof, but your entire house, are animals. With their potential to scratch and bite, they can be effective at chipping and breaking slate tiles and other forms of roofing. Here are some of the animals that can cause serious damage to your roof.


Squirrels might be a cute little rodent for some, but they can be a massive, devious pain for many property owners. Due to their long, strong teeth they have potential to chew straight through wood, rip up your insulation material, and even pry up shingles. Squirrels need to chew all the time as their teeth are constantly growing, so they need material to gnaw them down to size.

This can lead to big issues if they find a way into your attic or home, as they have potential to eat their way through support beams or other important structural pieces.

Be on the lookout for droppings, wood chips in unexpected places, and also keep your ears open for rustling sounds in your ceilings or walls. Sometimes, squirrels can cause so much damage that the only solution is to get an expert service such as Rock Solid Exteriors to fix the problem.


Mice aren’t as nearly as bad as squirrels in terms of how they can damage your roof, but if they make their way inside your property, then there’s real cause for concern. As mice are good climbers, they’re very adept at finding vulnerabilities in your roof where they can make their nests for themselves and their little ones. They can easily squeeze between loose shingles and small holes, meaning that it’s important that you maintain your roof to stop them from having a clear entry into your home.

Mice also bring a few health risks as they can carry diseases and illness. They are also capable of chewing through electrical wiring and pipes (which creates a huge fire hazard), they can burrow into a property’s wooden framing, and they can even dislodge the insulation within an attic—making the home less energy efficient.


There is a plethora of bird species that can easily cause problems for your roof, with the most dangerous being woodpeckers, house sparrows, feral pigeons, and starlings. Birds pose a threat as they can easily nest in your roofing and start congregating in big numbers. Not only can the noise from this be annoying, but their droppings are extremely corrosive and can destroy roofing materials, which leads to the disintegration of shingles over time.

They also use various debris to build their nests, such as twigs, sticks, and even pulled-out insulation, which damages your roof. They also love to build these nests in your gutters, meaning that they’re more likely to get blocked. This stops the rainwater draining effectively and can lead to still water seeping into your walls and ceilings.


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