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Auto: How To Save Money On Car Insurance

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Having adequate auto insurance is both smart and prudent. Different companies offer different prices and premiums. So, you can always be sure that you’ll find an option that perfectly suits your specific needs and budget. Review your coverage during renewal time to ensure that your insurer is in step with your requirements, and follow these guidelines to reduce the total cost of your car insurance policy.

Shop Around

Different companies offer different prices. So, it’s worth shopping around. Get at least four quotes from different car insurance firms. Ask friends as well as relatives for their recommendations about various insurers, and perform your own due diligence by researching online before committing to any company.

Make sure that you clearly understand auto insurance. Ask prospective insurers informed questions. And choose a provider that’s committed to delivering an affordable and reliable service.

However, it’s important to note that the lowest cost isn’t always the ‘cheapest option’. Ensure that the company you pick is reputable and that you are contented with the service you get. Your state insurance department and online consumer information sites might provide information on customer complaints by the company to assist you to choose the best insurance plan for your needs.

Combine Policies

Most insurers will reward you with a discount if you buy more than one type of insurance from them. For instance, combining home and auto insurance or having more than one vehicle insured.

And for longtime customers, some companies might offer a price break. There are no guarantees so conduct your research and compare prices for a multi-policy discount from one insurer with the cost of purchasing insurance separately from different firms.

So, if you’ve multiple insurance policies, it’s better to combine them with one carrier. This provides a quick means to simplify your finances. Besides, it increases your chances of getting a discount. For instance, combining your auto plus your homeowner’s insurance with a single company would go a long way in helping earn significant discounts.

Guard Your Credit History

Establishing a solid credit history comes with numerous benefits, including lower premiums. Most insurance companies utilize credit information to price their auto insurance policies. So, it’s extremely important that you regularly check your credit record to be sure all information is accurate.

When it comes to setting premiums, most insurance companies will consider your credit history. Research has proven that there’s a meaningful correlation between how people handle their finances and their claims history. With a good credit score, you might end up paying less. A poor credit score might cost you up to $1,513 more in annual premiums

Claim Your Discounts

Most car insurance providers offer a plethora of discounts. For instance, some might issue a discount for safe driving. Others may include accident-free, multi-car, good student, and combining home/car discounts.

Some insurance companies also offer significant discounts to those who drive less than the allowed number of miles per year. Plus, such low mileage discounts are also applicable to motorists who carpool to work.

Pay By the Mile

Another potential money saver is to make ‘by the mile’ payments. While this option isn’t available in every state, paying by the mile can significantly reduce the miles you drive as well as the premiums you pay. And this can go a long way in helping you save substantial amounts of money. So, what are you still waiting for?

Minimize Your Coverage

You can also save money by decreasing your coverage. As your car gets old, the need to protect it against damage diminishes.

Sometimes, the premium you pay on comprehensive plus the deductible you choose might outstrip the values of your car. And since the value of the vehicle itself is the most you can be compensated through these covers, decide whether or not you need to incorporate them into your policy.

Compare Prices Regularly

It isn’t all about finding the best rate on your car insurance. It’s also about comparing your existing rate every year. Do it online and save significant amounts of money. Plus, comparing rates is extremely simple and won’t hurt your credit score. It will only help you find the most affordable auto insurance policy.

Drive Safely

By avoiding accidents plus traffic tickets, you can significantly lower your premiums. Moreover, letting some carriers monitor your driving habits can also help in reducing your insurance costs. You simply need to install a device into your vehicle for a couple of months. The device will monitor driving habits, such as idle time, daytime versus nighttime driving, as well as hard stops. Based on the outcomes, you could see a substantial decrease in the cost of your car insurance.

Ask About Group Insurance

Certain companies offer reductions to motorists who get car insurance through professional, alumni, or business groups. So be sure to ask your affiliated organizations what they actually offer. This will go a long way in ensuring that you pay lower premiums on your car insurance policy.

Raise Your Deductible and reduce optional coverage

Choosing a higher deductible can significantly reduce your premium costs. Just be sure to set aside enough money to pay the higher deductible in case you’ve to make a claim.

If your old vehicle is ten times the insurance premium, then having collision or comprehensive coverage might not be cost-effective. Check your car’s value and establish if it’s worth getting an optional type of coverage. You can readily access this information on various websites.


When it comes to car insurance, there are numerous ways through which you can cut down on your costs. From shopping around and driving safely to guarding your credit score, purchasing group insurance, comparing prices regularly, reducing your coverage, as well as taking advantage of low mileage discounts. You really have got numerous options for lowering your auto insurance costs.

All you need is to carefully evaluate your needs and set a realistic budget. You don’t want coverage overlaps, right? Then, be sure to adopt a better approach to car insurance. Avoid investing in unnecessary policies.


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