An engagement ring is an emblem of your eternal love. There can be no compromise in terms of style, design, color pops, and metal. Choosing other aspects is obvious, but people often pay lesser attention to the metal. Choosing a metal for your engagement ring is a personal choice. You can pick cool silver, royal platinum or warm gold. If your choice of metal is gold, you have further varieties to choose from. Whether you choose an affordable white gold diamond engagement ring or a bold yellow piece with a gemstone of your choice, many factors affect your selection. Here is a comparison between white and yellow gold to help you choose the winner for you based on your skin traits, budget, and lifestyle.


  • Understanding the meaning

Gold is an expensive and fragile metal which is why alloys are mixed with it to make it tough for jewelry making. Ideally, gold is mixed with the copper, silver, zinc, nickel and palladium alloys with copper being the maximum. If the silver-colored alloys are mixed in more quantity, it becomes white gold. White gold gets an additional plating of rhodium. You will get jewelry in the market marks as 14k or 18k. This means that the material has 14 or 18 parts of gold and 10 parts of the mixed alloys.


  • White gold attributes

White gold looks fabulous on almost everyone. This is a great choice if you don’t know exactly what your partner would like.


  • Low cost better look

In many jewelry settings, white gold gives you an identical appearance as that of platinum. However, the cost of a white gold piece is several times lesser than a similar piece of platinum.


  • More durable

Thanks to the alloys added to prepare white gold, it is tougher as compared to yellow gold. It does not get scratched or chip off easily. If your girlfriend has an active and busy lifestyle, this is an ideal choice for her.


  • Require more maintenance over time

White gold is given a rhodium coating for a perfect finish. However, this coating wears off over time and you need to get white gold ring recoated. This recoating would rejuvenate the metal and give your engagement ring a new stunning look.


  • May not suit sensitive skin

Nickel is a prominent component in the composition of white gold and many people are allergic to it. It is always better to know about your sensitivity before buying.


  • Yellow gold attributes

Yellow gold is perfect if your girl loves a traditional and classic look. It is a timeless trend that enhances your hand’s beauty unconditionally.


  • Great for vintage taste

Yellow gold is popular yet unique in engagement ring settings. It gives a royal vintage luster for your ring.


  • Easily maintainable

It can be easily maintained at home with regular care and does not need to take for an explicit recoating, unlike white gold.


  • Resizing is easy and economical

When you buy an engagement ring for your girl, the size may be an issue. You may not know a perfect size. A yellow gold ring can be easily resized without digging deep in your pocket.


  • Scratched easily

While yellow gold is more romantic and stands for the age of marriage, it can be scratched easily. It is great for passionately adoring couples but not for active girls.

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