The good Old Baby Bjorn was around for quite a long time. In actual fact, Baby Bjorn is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and it’s in operation. The company has more than thirty million infants were carried around using their products. That figure speaks volumes. As a market leader, they are able to charge their baby carriers according to. What do you think of its rivals, such as Ergo Baby, Beco, Infantino, and Mayan Wraps, which offer baby carriers for sale at much lower costs? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

As parents, we are interested in knowing what percentage from the price on to a Bjorn does one pay for the brand? And how much is the real-time quality that the item is? If you’re interested in knowing continue reading.

Of all infant carriers available, baby bjorn is among the biggest selections of carriers on the market. The ever-popular “Original” and more modern designs like”Air” “Air”, “Active”, “Synergy” and “Comfort” are their basic models. Along with baby carriers, they also offer additional baby items like baby bouncers as well as kitchen and bathroom equipment and a variety of other items that babies are growing and require.

We decided to examine each of the five models in detail providing the pros and cons, and then give them a scores out five. This can save you hours of researching and by visiting our site, you can see how this model Baby Bjorn against all of its fierce rivals.

Baby Bjorn Original

“The Original” baby carrier was Baby Bjorn’s initial model. It evolved over the years, yet it is the most affordable choice for those looking for an Baby Bjorn. With an RRP of $79.99 it falls somewhere in the middle of the price range of baby carrier. We really like the fact the fact that it’s fairly simple. There aren’t any bells or whistles, but it comes with the essentials you require, such as the ability to turn the baby toward you or away from you and the ability to adjust the headrest. Another thing that the Original features are its simplicity of use.

It is simple to wear and take off because they have designed a system that lets you easily attach the baby to or off the chest. This is extremely useful when your baby is asleep but you have to continue working and need to place the baby down. Similar to different baby bouncers carrier options, getting off the carrier typically results in awakening them and this is an excellent option.

The negatives. The first is that the ergonomics of this backpack are not ideal. It lacks any lumbar support so it actually is like carrying a backpack in reverse. This results in all the weight of your baby being transferred to your shoulders. Therefore, the more weight your baby weighs and the more exhausted your shoulders will feel. We don’t suggest this carrier for babies beyond six months of age. It’s great for the initial 6 months when the baby is relatively light, but after that, it gets tiring to carry for extended durations. Rating 3/5

Baby Bjorn Air

It is the Baby Bjorn Air is basically the Original constructed from mesh, which is meant to help expel water and heat, while keeping baby and parents cool and comfortable. It certainly aids during the summer heat and is as simple to utilize as the original. However, it does have the same issues with the ergonomics as the Original So what it boils up to is whether you are willing to pay an extra amount in order to purchase the mesh. Rating 3/5

Baby Bjorn Active

The baby Bjorn Active is meant for those parents who love long walks in the outdoors with their baby. However, Active is not able to live up to the promise of its name. It’s as simple of use as every Baby Bjorn, and it has a bit more padding around the shoulder. The strap is also on the back that is designed to transfer the baby’s weight onto your hips. However, this baby carrier puts way too much weight on the shoulders and is best suited for hiking with babies younger than 6 months old. It is then more suitable at home, or on short trips to the shops. The strap also comes with a higher price tag over Air and the Original. Original Air and Air and we’re not certain whether the lumbar strap is worth the cost. score 3/5

Baby Bjorn Synergy

The Baby Bjorn Synergy is a combination of two of the Active Air and Air and comes with a larger price tag. Baby Bjorn is taking an Active as a base and created as a part from the same mesh fabric used in the Air. It offers some back support that is slightly better over the Active and, like the Air, is great in hot weather. Like every Bjorn product, it’s easy to use and of excellent quality. We wish it was available in more colors, and we are not sure about the cost. score 3.5/5

Baby Bjorn Comfort

The Comfort is the newest member of the Baby Bjorn family. The Comfort is exactly what it claims it will do, providing the user with ease of use. We think this is among infant carriers that are the comfiest available, and it is able to distribute weight in a balanced way between your hips and shoulders. It’s got lots of padding which is perfect for those long walks, however, it can make the Comfort somewhat heavy and difficult to carry around, even if you’re not carrying your baby inside it. It is also the Bjorn for babies that is the most heavy-duty.

The manufacturer claims it can weigh up to 31lbs (14 kg) However, we would not recommend it beyond 21 pounds (9-10 kgs). However, it is likely that your baby will walk in the near future, and it is likely to be walking. We really like this baby carrier. should you be comfortable shelling more than $130 to buy a baby carrier You can be sure you’ve found one that’s both comfy and lasts for a long time. Rating 4/5

In the end, you have to pay for the name Baby Bjorn, just like you do when purchasing a Mac or a BMW. We think that some of their products are worth the cost however, some are not and that’s why we came up with this review. It is easy to believe that because it’s a Baby Bjorn, it has to be an excellent carrier. However, this isn’t always the scenario. We hope you have learned something from this article and that we’ve helped you choose your ideal baby carrier.



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