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Parenting: Dealing with Favoritism as a Dad

If you’re a dad with multiple children, you have a favorite. Don’t lie. This article isn’t here to judge you. It’s here to give advice on hiding your favoritism from second and third place babies. It’s also here to talk about when your child has a favorite parent. Gun to our head, we all have preferences. Here’s how you can avoid getting feelings over it and avoid giving strong, negative
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Tech: How Can Parental Control Apps Help Parents Keep Their Children Safe?

Internet has made our lives easier in a lot of ways – ways we can’t even think of. The use of the internet has become more imperative in the digital age. It is beneficial for a person of every age. Businessman, politicians, celebrities, students and even children use the internet for their own different purposes. However, when it comes to children using the internet, parents have to be way more
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Parenting: Relax and Have Fun while Traveling with Children

By Megan P. Richardson Here's a situation: You are a new parent. You used to love traveling, but you are now hesitant to do it because of the changes in your life brought about by parenthood. How can you enjoy traveling if you have a baby to take care of? How could you continue doing your old habits when you aspire to be a hands-on parent? Sure, you can bring
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Lifestyle: Helicopter Parenting And It’s Long-Lasting Effects

Thanks to the various means and ways children can be monitored, the concept of helicopter parenting is more prevalent than ever. The term “helicopter parenting” is derived from parents who constant “hover” over their children by addressing their every need. While parenting is difficult enough already in today’s hyper-active and info-driven social media-based culture, the long-lasting effects of being around a child constantly may have some negative impacts long-term. Per
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Parenting: How to Talk To Your Kids About Drugs And Alcohol

Parenting isn’t easy, especially when it comes to talking to children about drinking alcohol or using drugs. Many parents hope to avoid the subject entirely. As parents we have far more influence than we think and talking honestly about alcohol and drugs can have a real impact. In fact, research has shown that kids who have conversations with their parents and learn a lot about the dangers of alcohol and
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6 Years Ago Madeleine McCann Disappeared, Yet Her Parents Still Haven’t Gone To Prison

It has been six years since three-year old Madeleine McCann disappeared while vacationing in Portugal with her parents Kate and Gerry and two two-year old twin siblings.  The three children were left alone while the two adults decided to go eat dinner at a nearby restaurant and on their only check of the night discovered that Madeleine was gone. Recently there has been new evidence that is now being investigated. That is of course good news
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What Not to Say to a Single Mom

[caption id="attachment_11641" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Source- Larsen & Talbert[/caption] Becoming a single mom usually happens due to circumstance or by choice. Unfortunately this brings on a number of misunderstanding about family dynamics and regardless of marital status motherhood is hard. Single moms just may have a bit more difficulty when it comes to certain situations, though not for the stereotypical reasons. More often then not it's about making decisions and at