Before You Go: Six Countries And Six Laws That Every Tourist Should Know

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, they say. As a tourist, while you need to experience all these new things in a new country, you also need to learn to follow the laws imposed in that country. Traveling around the world is an activity that most people usually do when they’re stressed out from work, see a lot of new places, experience vast cultures, taste a lot of strange food, etc. If you want to know more about these places, you can visit travel right and other sites.

As a tourist, it’s a priority that you get to experience all these new things comfortably. However, some neglect the fact that they are in a new place, with new laws and ordinances. These laws may sound weird and unreasonable, but the need to follow them applies to everyone, be it local or foreigner. Here are some “weird” rules from around the world that you, as a tourist, should know.

Australia – Swearing is a Sin

For those who are ill-tempered and potty mouths, visiting New South Wales in Australia may not be such a good idea. The police in New South Wales can arrest and fine you with AUD 500.

The law states that anyone heard swearing or using any words that pertain to anything disorderly, offensive, threatening, or violent can get arrested and fined accordingly. Public places such as schools, hospitals, bus stops, etc. are places in South New Wales where it is prohibited to swear.

Venice – Pigeon Feeding is a big NO

You may think that feeding the birds in Venice’s Piazza San Marco as an ideal thing to do while in the place, but law bans people, including tourists from doing the act. When caught, people could pay a sizable fine. This law was created because it causes pigeons to excessively poop on statues and other landmarks which require an expensive cleanup process.

Germany – It’s Illegal to Run out of Gas

While traveling by car in Germany, make sure that your vehicle is ready and filled up with gas because, if not, be prepared to face a hefty fine for stopping while on Germany’s Autobahn. The reason for this law is that no car should stop at the Autobahn as it causes disorder and possible accidents on the road.

It’s also illegal to walk on the Autobahn to get fuel for your empty car, as it may be a hazard for everyone traveling along the road. Germany is strict on this law as it also fines tourists who aren’t aware.

Barbados – Don’t Wear Anything Camo

A lot of people think that wearing camo jackets, hoodies, shirts, etc. are good fashion items to sport during travels. However, don’t ever try wearing anything camo-colored while in Barbados, as locals and law enforcers there don’t like that kind of fashion statement.

Unless you’re with the military in Barbados, wearing anything camo is an offense that warrants a fine and a lengthy jail time. This law exists because a lot of criminals and members often impersonate army personnel to commit crimes.

The Philippines – “My God, I Hate Drugs”

Asian Countries are known for their harsh laws regarding drugs, and the Philippines is no exception. Although the country has a lot of English speakers and leans towards a more western outlook, drugs are not allowed in the country.

The war on drugs is substantially ramping up. The country’s president, Rodrigo Duterte, is serious about eradicating the drug problem. He only wants to protect his constituents from the harm that cartels and drug lords often inflict. As a tourist, never venture towards anything related to drugs as the consequences can be dire.

Even marijuana and other psychedelics are banned from use or for selling. You can enjoy all the famous sights and sounds, the beaches, the hidden tourist spots, and all the exotic food in the country, but never dare bring any drugs or paraphernalia on your travels.

Singapore – Bursting your Bubble-gum

Absurd as it may seem, bubble gum has been prohibited in Singapore since 1992. Even the importation of gum is illegal as it causes damage to their public transit system. The government of Singapore spends an estimated $100,000 per year just to clean up the mess.

Those caught importing, selling, or chewing gum can face a hefty fine and possibly jail time. Although some certain gums such as nicotine gum and dental therapeutic gums are allowed, sweetened bubble gum is still not allowed.


Whether it’s traveling to Venice or enjoying the beaches of the Philippines, there are specific rules and laws that you need to follow. Whether these laws border on the weird, they still need to be followed by everyone, tourists included.

Some of these laws, such as chewing gum in Singapore or running out of gas in Germany, may sound absurd, but they are there and exist for a reason. Know these rules beforehand and enjoy the sights and sounds of the country you’ll visit next.


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