Top 5 Vape E Juice Brands in UAE

Using e-liquids instead of dry herb is known as one of the most popular forms of vaping. Using a vape mod is one of the most popular ways of using e-liquids. If you want to vape e-liquids there are numerous quality vape mods available as well. 

It is fascinating to know that the vape mods offer a more customizable vaping experience as compare to off-the-shelf vaporizers. Vape mods are more powerful, have a longer battery life as well as produce larger clouds. Bear in mind that harnessing the power of vape mods need some assembly and tinkering. 

Benefits of Vape Modes

  • There is a great need to know that a vape mod is a more advanced and modified version of the vape pens. These devices allow you to get a large number of features such as a more advanced display with a variety of menu options. The vape modes also provide information that simple vape pens do not. Keep in consideration that most of what the display shows you is directly related to the settings that you have chosen. It is fascinating to know that the best vaping modes also give you information such as a timer and a tool in order to measure the resistance of the coil. 
  • It is fascinating to know that vape mods are one of the latest additions to the vaping world. All these devices are small in size and easier to use compared to vape pens. If your concern is all about convenience and ease of use, you can totally give it a try.
  • There is no need to do worry about how to carry them around as they are ultra-portable because of their size and weight. Along with this, vape mods also have an option of disposable varieties that you are allowed to refill at gas stations. This feature makes the vape mods systems more popular in the market.
  • Many of the components of vape pod systems come built-in which means it is effortless to maintain. Most importantly, you don’t have to take apart your device in order to clean it every now and then. 

Types of vape mods

  • Mechanical Vape Pen Mods

Mechanical vape pen mods consist of a casing for the batteries along with an atomizer for vaporizing the e-liquid. It is essential to know that mechanical vape pen modes are the most basic mods, however, it can also be dangerous for the inexperienced. There is a need for great knowledge of resistance, voltage, as well as electricity if you plan on building this type of mod. Moreover, these vape mods are also considered unregulated as they do not offer any special safety features.

  • Variable voltage mods

Variable voltage vape modes are the type of mods that allow the users to adjust the voltage of the mod. Keep in consideration that variable voltage mods are safer as compare to mechanical mods/ the reason is that they have safety features in order to prevent the battery from short-circuiting and overcharging. Furthermore, the vape mod also offers more variance in flavor as well as vapor production.

  • Variable wattage mods

This type of vape mod delivers the amount of voltage needed by reading the resistance of the atomizer. While using a variable wattage atomizer, there is no need to worry about the resistance of the atomizer. It is fascinating to know that the variable wattage mods offer similar safety features to variable voltage mods.

How to Pick the Right Vape Mode?

We all know that vapers love variety because it makes vaping more exciting as well as thrilling. With an array of liquid flavors on the market, you are sure to get a combination that suits your needs and preferences. 

Before choosing the best vape mods, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with various vaping styles as well as the functions of vape mods. Different vapers come with different needs. However, some of the common factor’s vapers consider in a vaping device are extended battery life, ease of use, efficiency, as well as portability.

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