People living with disabilities have a ton of obstacles to avoid during their every single regular day. And when they get home, they have the same amount of challenges to overcome. So when is break time? People who choose to join supported independent living report much greater happiness, flexibility, independence and safety when living in such communities than when living at home or in other types of care centers. So why supported independent living facilities are so beneficial for their patrons? Here are just some of the reasons why an individual living with disabilities might choose such a living option:

More independence

It’s all in the name—supported independent living—meaning people who live in such communities can enjoy a new kind of independence. Unlike residential care (which is used by people with complex needs who require more in-depth care), independent living facilities only offer a bit of support according to your specific needs, allowing you to live almost completely independently. Supported living is a great solution for people with disabilities who are growing up and moving out of their parents’ house, but still need some support with independent living. The independence and responsibilities that fall on patrons are paying bills, keeping their home tidy, learning life skills, etc., all while having a place to relax and unwind on their own.

More control

Your new home will be completely tailored to your specific needs and requirements, depending on your disability and the level of disability. These communities work closely with developers, architects and designers to create homes that are suitable for independent living with easy support opportunities. In many cases, the patron can control their environment and the level of care they get every day. They are also responsible for the unit and shared spaces. And since some properties even have assistive tech like intercoms, automatic doors and voice control elements, people with disabilities can have plenty of control over their living space.

Proper support and professional care

The best thing about supported independent living is the fact that users can live independently yet enjoy all the care and support their needs, provided by professionals. The best independent living facilities offer help with tasks such as personal care, transportation, chores, skill training, shopping, cooking, medication, socializing, etc. With the help of professional staff, people can choose how much help they get and what kind of help they get. The aim of their support is to help patrons develop skills and build relationships while also giving them the freedom to make their own choices.


Great social opportunities

People living in supported independent living communities have many opportunities to build and expand their relationships. Since they are living surrounded by people who understand them and their struggles, there are daily opportunities to make friends, share interests, learn from other people and work on their relationships. In many supported independent living centers, there are shared facilities (usually the kitchen, dining hall, living rooms, patios, yards, etc.) so there are many ways one can meet people, practice communication and make meaningful daily contact.

Complete safety

People living with any form of disability can be quite vulnerable, so they require living in a safe environment that also provides freedom. A perfect way to balance security and freedom is to join a supported independent living facility. Since there are support workers present on-site day and night, as well as staff that’s trained for handling emergency situations and safety protocols, service users can relax knowing they are safe and secure with a friendly hand ready to help at all times.

Supported independent living might be the perfect solution for many people living with disabilities of any kind. With all the freedom, independence and support they offer, patrons can live a life they always dreamed of.


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