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Bill Clinton set to become America’s first male/first lady if Hillary wins 2016 Election


November 8, 2016

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This is intended as a joke, so lighten up.

Eight years ago the United State of America made history with the first African-American President. Eight years later we are set to make history again, regardless who wins. One one side we have Donald Trump, the non-politician. Normally this is who America should gather around. The one that has not been corrupted by the system as we could look for him to change it in a more American-friendly way. Then we have Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President, Bill Clinton and as much as America loved Bill, could we look at Hillary in the same light?

This is epic. One businessman and one woman. History will be made but there is another piece on the Clinton side should Hillary win.

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Bill will be the first male first lady in the White House. Now, it’s a well-known fact that women run every household as most men just nod in agreement with their spouses. When something needs to be fixed, the woman doesn’t ask, she commands. When the kids need to be spanked, she says “wait till your father gets home”. When bills need to be paid. “honey, where is your checkbook”? Not a man on this earth can say they have say-so in their house, unless they are single.

But now, Bill will be the one making dinner reservations for the Prime Minister of some foreign country, the one traveling to elementary schools reading to kids and doing speaking engagements on behalf of the White House. My, how things have changed in America. It’s not a question if Bill can do it, but a question of, “Will he want to do it”?

Make no mistakes about it, he can get the job done. The man only ran our country for eight years, now he gets another four, and a possibility for four more if the Clinton’s can do what they did prior.

Congrats on your new role Bill…lol

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