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Blake Griffin Stars In The Comedy Of The Night Against Golden State Warriors

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It was not a good game for Blake Griffin the Los Angeles Clippers power forward as the Golden State Warriors big men David LeeFestus Ezeli, Carl Landry and Andris Biedrins did a great job bottling him up throughout the game. He finished going  2-11 from the field and his only saving grace was getting to the free throw line where he hit 6-10 free throws, so he still managed 10 points though he grabbed only six rebounds in 35 minutes of action.

A testament to how well the Warriors defense played against Griffin is that he only took three shot attempts in the second half which came on a post up of the much smaller Draymond Green and even then he had to work in the post. In the first half he took eight shots and yet got the same result making only one shot.

He did offer one of the more entertaining moments of the night when Harrison Barnes and Biedrins forced Chris Paul to find him wide open for a corner three and here’s a look at the result.

The comedy of not even coming close to making the shot made up for an incident that came earlier in the game when Ezeli got called for a flagrant foul that should have never been called. Griffin is the one who launched himself in the air after being fouled and a substantial fine is not out of the question.

As he fell to the floor he got both hands out to brace for impact with the floor and then slightly bumped his head on the floor. Instead of getting up immediately he acted as if he suffered a serious head injury and there really is no need for that and David Stern will need to send a message faking injuries like that has no place in the game.

At least karma did come back to bite him.

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