The main event featured what many believe are the top two fighters in the super flyweight division. Champion of the division after two wins against, Roman Gonzalez, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (45-4-1, 40 KO) would face off against Juan Francisco Estrada (36-3, 25 KO).

In the beginning of the fight, Estrada controlled the pace. The first round, he’d get off first, when he didn’t, he countered effectively. Moving well, boxing well, Sor Rungvisai wasn’t able to get into his groove. Sor Rungvisai, big puncher, was failing in terms of success of landing a beautiful, powerful shot. This would continue through the fourth. Many of the people I know had it, 3-1 for Estrada. I had it 4-0 for the Mexican challenger.

Biggest question going into the fight, how will Estrada deal with the constant pressure? From the fifth, until the seventh round, he didn’t have to. He brought pressure of his own, maybe confidence and Sor Rungvisai became the counter puncher. This would work in his favor, turn the tide as well. Sor Rungvisai landed, crisp shots throughout these rounds even going on the offensive to find his success. At the end of seven I scored it, 4-3.

In the late stages, the fight turned into what it was supposed to be. Sor Rungvisai pressured, Estrada had to answer. This style of fighting caused the fight to become very close and hard to score, but going into the 12th I’ve given them two more rounds a piece. Estrada got back to boxing well and counter punching during rounds, eight and nine. Sor Rungvisai would then differ to counter punching and boxing to win rounds, ten and eleven.

Round twelve was entertaining. Both boxers came out swinging for the fences and went primarily toe to toe. Once the round hit its halfway point, Estrada smartened up. Getting back to boxing smart, he’d cruise to the win in the round. My final score was, 7-5 (115-113), Estrada. Seen scores as far as 7-5 the other way, a lot of draws too. The judges saw it almost the same besides the, 117-111 score.

My hope for the future is that these two boxers will fight again. The matchup is very entertaining. Gives the fans something to watch and talk about. The heavy Mexican crowd disliked the decision, but that would bring them right back in hope of an Estrada win.

Official scores:


Sor Rungvisai majority decision

Compubox stats:

Total: 189/671 28%
Power: 147/443 33%

Sor Rungvisai

Total: 194/879 22%
Power: 186/773 24%

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