Mexican and Puerto Rico have had an exciting, thrilling and dramatic boxing rivalry for a long time. McWilliams Arroyo (17-3, 14 KO)/Carlos Cuadras (36-3-1, 27 KO) would be the newest edition of this rivalry. In these fights you’re almost always guaranteed a slug fest, entertainment. Arroyo/Cuadras did not fail to give entertainment, not necessarily in a slug fest though.

In this competitive ten round fight, my scorecard saw it going back in forth. Arroyo would come out blazing, cruise to a first round win. Cuadras would come back and hurt Arroyo in the second round, win this one to even the score. Arroyo coming out with his jab setting up his body attack, would win the third. Arroyo would have tremendous trouble not getting hit at some points. The fourth round is one where he’d have trouble, Cuadras would take it. Cuadras would take his attack from the fourth, apply it in the fifth to take this one too.

Cuadras leading 3-2, gaining momentum, maybe it was just his moment. His night would not continue on the same path. Arroyo got back to his style of stick and move, body assault, letting the left hook go. Every round, Arroyo would outbox him, helped by Cuadras tank running dry. Cuadras would continue to get drained as, Arroyo assaults the body. Over and over again, Arroyo picked up rounds. I’d give him the 97-93 victory.

Cuadras, one of the toughest guys in the sports would not let him get off easy. From the first bell to the closing bell it was always a grind for both guys.

Arroyo would prove to be the more technical fighter. Land a jab, left hook, move. That was the recipe for success for Arroyo and when he stuck to it, success is what he found. The two year layoff did not seem to matter.

Official judges scores:


Arroyo majority decision

Compubox stats:

Total: 140/713 20%
Power: 107/414 26%

Total: 120/776 16%
Power:87/458 19%

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