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New England Patriots : QB Tom Brady Injured, Leaves Practice Field

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According to reports coming out of Foxboro, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was forced to leave practice today with an undisclosed knee injury.

While some outlets claim this shouldn’t affect him very much for the future season, other sources and fans are more concerned as it appears to be the same knee he injured when hit by Bernard Pollard in the opening play of the 2008 season.

According to Mike Reiss, of ESPN Boston doctors examined him on scene, and what might be the most concerning thing I’ve heard yet is he says there was no contact on the play

That’s the most concerning development I’ve seen as this story breaks.  All us fans here in New England remember well when Wes Welker went down, tearing both his ACL and MCL on a non-contact play.  I’m certainly not saying that’s what happened with Brady today, just that non-contact injuries tend to concern me, as they show structural frailties that don’t require contact to collapse.  (Similar to the difference between living in a building that might randomly collapse than one that would take a bulldozer to take down.)

I will keep you updated as this story continues to develop.

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