A Bristol County jury of seven women and five men deliberated for 36 hours over seven days before coming to a firm conclusion on the fate of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez.

The 12-man jury found him guilty of murder in the first degree for the 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd.  The conviction carries a sentence of automatic life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Lloyd was found shot to death in the early morning hours of June 17, 2013, after Hernandez and two co-conspirators picked the 27-year-old up at his Boston home, and then proceeded to an undeveloped piece of land behind an industrial park in North Attleboro, Mass. – just a few minutes from Hernandez’s home.

Things will continue to go from bad to worse for Hernandez as he is now set to stand trial on double-murder charges in Suffolk County, Mass., for allegedly being the gunman in a drive-by shooting after an incident at a Boston nightclub in the summer of 2012.

He wasn’t arrested for that crime until after the Lloyd murder caused police to reexamine an otherwise cold case.

Hernandez is also accused in a civil suit of shooting his friend Bradley Alexander in the face after a night out at a South Florida strip club in February of 2013. Alexander is expected to be the star witness in the double-homicide case.

This brings to an end one of the most gripping trials of a sports star since the OJ Simpson case in the mid 90’s.  A true shame and hopefully a lesson for other young sports stars.

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