Improving your physical strength has many personal and practical benefits. Being stronger makes life more comfortable and can make you feel light. A well-toned physique burns fat and calories and provides increased energy that makes you look and feel fabulous. Strength training, general exercise, and physical activity will develop a healthy body that makes everyday life more effortless and enjoyable.

After years of research and experience, fitness trainer Christopher Lee of Buffalo, New York, has discovered a multitude of reasons to become stronger. Living your best life will inevitably take effort, and these reasons, though only a sample of the benefits that strength training provides, will help justify your investment and motivate you to stay healthy.

1. Stronger muscle

The most obvious, immediate, and practical advantage of gaining strength is the ability to lift more weight with ease. Lifting what you usually need to, such as a child, a stuffed backpack, or work tools, will become easier. Strength training will help you to do even more of what you love to do.

2. Cardiovascular health

While not as commonly associated with heart health as cardiovascular exercise, strength training is an additional way to ensure a healthy heart. It burns calories, and burning calories helps to reduce fat. Reducing visceral fat that sits around the heart reduces stress on the heart and improves heart health. Don’t neglect your need for cardio, but rest assured that strength training promotes a healthy heart too.

3. Lower risk of injury

Strong muscles and bones as the result of a healthy lifestyle significantly reduce the risk of injury. Injuries caused by lifting too much weight can create chronic pain conditions. Slips and falls, if muscles and bones are weak, can result in extended hospital stays and expensive treatments. Strength training can help you avoid the debilitating pain associated with muscular and skeletal damage from injury.

4. Look better and feel better

Looking better and feeling better are inextricably connected. If you know that you look your best, you will smile more and engage with others more readily. It is much easier to attain and maintain a positive attitude if you know your body looks healthy and fit. Appearance self-esteem is the feeling of satisfaction you have with the way you look. Your self-worth is not, and should not be, connected to your appearance, but knowing that you look good can add to your overall self-esteem.

5. Brain health

Especially with older adults suffering from cognitive decline, strength training is proven to improve brain function, boost memory, enhance mental health, and possibly stave off or slow cognitive decline and protect against dementia. It is thought that the increased blood flow from high-intensity strength training increases oxygen and provides essential nutrients.

Time and effort spent in strength training is an essential investment in your overall health and fitness. This investment will enable you to live longer and enjoy the long life you will have gained. Your heart will function better; you will have a lower risk of injury; you will look better, feel better, and think clearly.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, a certified fitness trainer from Buffalo, New York, specializes in workout plans that help his clients look and feel more athletic and avoid injury. Mr. Lee stresses a nutritious diet and lifestyle so clients can fuel adequately to amplify their workouts and reach their fitness goals. His exercise programs and training sessions are custom-designed to help build strength and agility.

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