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With such a large number of new enterprises being set up– and existing brands endeavoring to catch on to the big money success – brand development has never been more essential. It can be the most empowering and overpowering part of propelling your own business; all things considered, your image is the principal thing shoppers see and that image needs to say a lot about the work you do and what your stance in the market is. Yet, what are the key elements for awesome branding in 2017’s over saturated market? What are the things you can do now to make your brand stand out, delight customers, and remain memorable? At the cutting edge of building a strong branding and trademark, there ought to be an unmistakable, direct message for your target group. To top the branding game in 2017, brands must resonate with people and they must be conversational and connected to their audiences to win their hearts and hold on to them for long. But winning the heart cannot just be achieved on its own; instead, meticulous efforts, strategic tools, and branding material need to be spread across the target group to grab and retain the attention of the tech-savvy digitized modern humanity. Employing these steps are going to help you reach your 2017s branding milestone much faster. Using big data to power your message: As everything we do today, be it travel, use the ATM, make a call or use social media, is recorded and tracked, more and more companies are starting to embrace the use of such data collected through customer and other analytics tools. All this data can be used in many different and creative ways from finding solutions to make your marketing more engaging to creating packaging that will remain forever etched in the mind of your customers. Used correctly, the endless statistics generated from your social media, websites and customer service about your consumer’s shopping patterns will be your best bet to produce awe-inspiring branding materials. Branding intelligently through AI: 2017 is going to be the year where artificial intelligence is not just used by companies in the IT industry but by all other industries as well. AI in marketing will enable companies to discover new methods of customizing and targeting their marketing message. AI can help brands effectively personalize their content and marketing products from blogs on the internet to brand promotional items that fit in with current trends and audiences. AI can provide better performance insights by quantifying large data that marketers shy away from, to spark new solutions that were unimagined before. Talking through interactive videos: Most of those who use Facebook regularly would have also noticed that now their newsfeed content is almost entirely video. That is because video is the reigning king of content and one of the most effective ways to directly capture your audience. As 2017 reaches its third month, the focus will be shifting towards live and interactive videos where the viewers and producers can interact with each other in real time on the spot. This, without a doubt, is a supercharged powerful tool for brands to utilize if they want to beat their competition in the race to the top. With live interactive videos, brands can create relatable stories that are raw and real which have immense power to influence their audiences. Another great perk of this? Very little finances and resources are needed to execute live videos. With so many branding milestones to achieve while evolving with the changing times, it can get hard to make sure that our vast target audiences are being turned into customers. Which is why, with the turn of the year, more responsibilities and errands need to be taken up by the current technological tools like data mining and AI. So that before marketers delve into a certain approach and start a campaign to further their brand, they will already be able to predict its performance to some extent as their efforts from the very beginning will be customized to the needs which were identified through the data. This will enable the birth of a new type of innovative branding strategy which will process new information continually to keep your brand at the top.

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