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By Pauline Simons Is rosacea the reason holding you back from doing the things you love? If yes, how about breaking its hold and starting all over again because you’re not alone. Did you know the estimates from NRS showed, 16 million Americans alone suffer from rosacea, which includes some famous celebrities too, who have been open about it? So, if rosacea couldn’t stop them from achieving great things in their life, then why would you want it to stop you from getting what you deserve? Time to get inspired! Sam Smith Just in case you seriously don’t know who he is, take a deep breath as this 24 old British singer and songwriter is cherished internationally for his unique and powerful voice. However, a few years back in the US weekly it was revealed that he has rosacea. In the same, he also expressed his love for French red wine, often known to trigger the flare ups. Thus, as much as he loved it, he had to cut it down to calm the skin. What are you doing to identifying your triggers? If you’re already aware of it, are you taking the precautions required? Mariah Carey This flawless beauty full of exuberance is among those celebrities who suffer from rosacea. Yet, nothing could stop her from reaching out to the moon and stars. Just like any other person aware of the problem, she found the solution to manage her skin condition. How? By avoiding harsh products and facial regimens that usually flare up the condition. Instead, she used natural remedies at home to help her soothe the skin and minimize the symptoms. Try her milk and ice face pack if you wish to, it actually makes a difference and your skin will be more than thankful! Renee Zellweger Remember the beautiful girl from the Bridget Jones’s Diary? No? How about Jerry Maguire, you just can’t forget that one, can you? Well, the list of the hit movies on the screen that this academy award winning actress lit up is quite long. But, in short, she never gave up, never felt self-conscious despite the fact of facing rosacea. All she did was, took care of it by maintaining a healthy lifestyle to keep the condition in control when effective creams like Revitol rosacea treatment solution were not available. Now, won’t you want to be as brave as her? Cynthia Nixon Best known for the portrayal of the character Miranda Hobbes in the popular HBO series, Sex and the City initially thought her redness and inflammation was acne. Thus, treating it as such further leads to a complicated situation. Several years later, after being properly diagnosed, swapping to a gentle skin care, she found relief. Since then she’s been working to raise awareness of the condition and help others through her experience. So, if you have even a slightest of doubt, do visit your dermatologist today! Prince William If only it can make you feel any better, the British royals are no impervious to this skin condition. When Lady Diana married Prince Charles, she always managed to look way more than graceful even with rosacea. And, today, both her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry carry it in their genes. Moreover, Prince Charles himself suffers from this condition. So, the point we are here getting to is that it is common to see rosacea run in families. In such cases, it is rather better to take precaution beforehand, than to let it get out of hand later. So, don’t let this skin condition become an excuse to not do the things you love. Even if it’s on your mind, it need not be on your face! Author Bio: Hi! I am Pauline Simons, a skin care expert. I love to share my knowledge and experience with people. Read my write ups on health and skin care on websites or reach out for an expert advice on the best skin care treatments.

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