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Business: Marvel/Disney Holding Nothing Back In Avengers Merchandising

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You must give Disney credit for one thing, they know how to make money, and when it comes to their Marvel films the company holds nothing back. The release for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be no different, as Disney/Marvel will be launching a full-scale assault on consumers wallets.

Disney’s plan for Avengers 2 is “Make the Big Bigger.” That’s what Disney Consumer Products senior VP of Marvel, Paul Gitter, told Variety. So, what does that mean for the general public? Marvel will look to expand upon its merchandise for the upcoming Avengers film by including a much broader audience.

You can expect to see more products garnered towards fans of one individual superhero. Unlike the first film which focused heavily on the team as a whole, the newest marketing campaign will see  characters such as  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and others become more accessible to the buying public.

“For the first film, we primarily focused in the ‘Avengers’ property and the group shots.” Gitter told Variety. “Now we’re broadening the line and scope to create skews that focus on the team and the individual characters, as well.”

The success of recent Marvel films has enabled the company to reach out to more than the hardcore comic book fan.

“Whereas the Marvel movies used to just be for fans, they’ve become very far reaching.” Gitter said. “The average consumer is now going to see Marvel films.” And they’re buying the products.”

We can expect to see products that range beyond action figures, as there are plans to include brands such as Under Armour, Chobani, and Conagra granola bars. This new ‘Bigger is Better’ strategy will also extend to future films and Marvel projects along the way.

So, expect to become familiar with seeing your favorite Avenger at your local retailer, because it’s going to be hard to miss them.

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