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Entertainment: The Title Of The First Star Wars Stand Alone Film Is…

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It was announced earlier at StarWars.com, that the title of the first stand alone Star Wars film will be Rogue One. This film will be the first in a series of movies that exist within the same universe as the “core saga”, while placing the focus on other characters and events.

Gareth Edwards will direct the film based on a script penned by Oscar nominated screenwriter, Chris Weitz. The only cast member to be announced so far, has been Oscar nominated actress, Felicity Jones. Most would have to agree though, that’s a pretty good start.

Details about the premise are currently unknown, but with production on the film beginning this summer – more details will hopefully be forthcoming. Rogue One is currently scheduled to be released Dec. 16th of 2016, nearly one full year to the day after Episode VII.

Wait, before any readers try to scamper off, thinking this is the only Star Wars news to be had today – there’s more.

Disney has also announced, that Rian Johnson will be pulling double duty as writer and director on Episode VIII. This will be the first of the new Star Wars films to get a summer release since Episode III was released in May of 2015.

Episode VIII is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 26th of 2017, and will be up against the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy II (5/5/2017) , Terminator Genisys 2 (5/19/2017), and The Lego Batman Movie (5/26/2017).


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