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Busted Open: Why it should be on every weekday

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If you are a wrestling fan and have SiriusXM radio, then you probably have heard of the show Busted Open on SiriusXM channel 93.

If you have not heard of this show, that will change because I will now explain to you what it is about and why I am talking about it. The show itself is called Busted Open, a term that wrestling used heavily in the 1970s. Right now it is on Monday, Tuesday,and Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm and has great hosts, Doug Mortmom and Dave LaGreca.

Right now they are trying to get the show on five days a week. They are getting the #Livefor5 to go viral to somehow get management to allow them to be on five days a week. I end up listening to the show every time it is  on and I end up learning something about wrestling or I see something that happened in wrestling in a different light.

I am hoping this show gets on five days a week because not only is it a great wrestling show, it is a learning experience because if you are bound to learn something about wrestling. They are all great and I also personally get a kick out of the third wheel, Larry Dallas. He works with EVOLVE wrestling and is friends with many of the wrestlers. I also like it that they don’t pull any punches and shoot from the hip. If an episode of Raw , Smackdown, TNA, NXT and so on is bad, they will say how they truly feel. 

Doug and Dave have gotten many people back into wrestling and it becomes a learning experience like I mentioned before. I enjoy their draft shows and when Dave goes on his rants, they are usually radio gold. Overall, if you like wrestling and have Sirius Radio I highly suggest you give this show a chance and also if you can, please sign the petition to get them on #Lifeforfive at https://www.change.org/p/siriusxm-siriusxm-busted-open-radio-live-for-five-petition

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