Invented and first started by Mr. Nakamoto from Japan, Bitcoin became the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. Due to its wide acceptance and worldwide central bank free peer to peer connection, Bitcoin became famous within a couple of years and it is still growing. Now, everyone knows Bitcoin is a much more safe and easy way to invest as the rate of return in the case of this currency is quite high.

According to Investopedia, Bitcoin is legal in many countries including the USA whereas in many emerging economies like India, banned Bitcoin to stop the unethical flow of money. But in most developed countries Bitcoin is legal and therefore it would be a good decision to invest in Bitcoin if you are a resident of the USA, Japan, or the UK.

If you are living in the USA and thinking of buying Bitcoin, the process could be troublesome. There are many reasons one can buy Bitcoin in 2020 but, there are two ways of playing with Bitcoin.

  1. Buying Bitcoin and holding it for months/years. When the price will increases sell it to grow money.
  2. Buying and selling bitcoin regularly to circulate the money around the Bitcoin market to gain profit.

Whatever the reason is, it is unnecessary to mention that, Bitcoin is going to the future currency and it already gained much popularity. Wikipedia says, during the pandemic Covid-19, account opening rate in Bitcoin exchange houses increased around 83%. This shows the interest of people in this new form of electronic currency.

Best Exchange Houses to Buy Bitcoin in the USA

While you are talking about Bitcoin, the trustworthiness of the exchange houses are important. It s better to know who is doing well and who offers which type of benefits. Today, I am going to enlist some of the famous Bitcoin marketplaces in the USA.


Coinbase is one the most popular Bitcoin trading house in the USA. If you are a newcomer to this investing platform, I will surely suggest Coinbase. You can buy Bitcoin instantly using a debit card and it offers high liquidity, buying limits. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is being trusted by millions of customers worldwide and has a good reputation. Bt if you want to trade anonymously, Coinbase is not the best option in my view. Because it can track your transactions. 


Etoro emerged in Bitcoin market in 2007 and Etoro USA offers some great variability in buying and trading Bitcoins. You can use many ways to invest your money. It could be through PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, Escrow, or any other transaction media. The fees are small and the interface is highly user friendly. The main problem with Etoro is that you can withdraw money only in the form of fiat money.


If you want to buy and trade Bitcoin from anywhere in the world than, Coinmama could be the solution. Coinmama is a trustworthy Bitcoin exchange house in the USA whereas from almost all parts of the world you can trade using Coinmama. The limits are much than other Bitcoin exchanges using credit cards and that’s the reason it became popular throughout the USA. The major disadvantages of Coinmama are high trading fees and the time required in processing. Otherwise Coinmama is great who wants to use a credit card for buying Bitcoin in the USA.

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