Are you looking to buy a luxury car? Consider getting a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes is renowned as a producer of quality cars. Whether you are purchasing a brand new car or looking to settle for a used one, you cannot go wrong with a Mercedes.

Some of its benefits include high safety record, never out of style, high performance, durability, and low maintenance cost. If you are on a budget, you can enjoy the same benefits of owning a new Mercedes only without the price tag and the smell of new leather.

Where to Buy

It is essential to be careful where you buy any car, especially a used one. The three common places include:


Auctions happen regularly in the automobile industry. Government seized cars, vintage cars, damaged cars, and even privately-owned cars are put for auction every month. The downside to buying via auction is that you will not have time to do your due diligence. It is a gamble.


Dealers are popular in the UK. Reputable dealers such as Sandown-Group have been selling Mercedes for over 30 years. You are not only buying a good product, but you are also buying years of professional experience. Sandown offers a wide variety of used Mercedes models with easy financing. For example, the Mercedes B Class for sale goes as low as £319 per month. Not all dealers can offer this kind of deal to you. This is the best option to buy a used car.

Private sellers

Buying from a previous owner directly could either save you a lot of money or cause you a lot of problems in the future.

What to Check

Before sealing the deal, always check for the following:

Interior and Exterior

Ensure that the body frame is intact. Do a thorough walk-around inspection of the exterior. When satisfied, check the interior to make sure everything is in order. Do not forget to check the boot and the bonnet. If you know little about car engines, have your mechanic inspect for you.

Car Log

Check the car log to get a full understanding of the car history. A meticulous previous owner should have a maintenance log to both minor services and major incidents such as accidents. Some accidents can cause irreparable damage.

Documents Check

Ensure that the car documents are in order. Verify the Vehicle Identification Number, the MOT Certificate, and that the logbook belongs to the car.

Test Drive

Lastly, take it for a spin. Test drive the car to have a feel for it. You may like the look of it but not enjoy driving it. Driving is the only way to know for sure.

Making the Purchase

Depending on your preference, you may choose to pay upfront or in instalments. Dealers such as Sandown offer a payment plan to make it easier for the buyer. Take advantage of financing if you are on a budget.

After the Purchase

Ensure that you only use licensed Mercedes service providers. Sandown is not a dealer but also into servicing as well. When you buy from Sandown, you are getting the full package. Buying a good used Mercedes is rewarding. It will save you money and last you over ten years with proper maintenance.

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