Cael Dadian has for a moment turned all the attention to a new sound of Alternative-RnB which he has created a new track “Or So I Thought.” Hailing from San Diego, Cael Dadian is a multifaceted artist, songwriter, music producer, and entrepreneur.  As an RnB singer-songwriter and a music producer, he has used his advanced skills to develop a beat that is just suitable for his kind of style and speaks volumes when combined with the track’s message.

Cael Dadian shared more about the new single “Or So I Thought”. According to him, “Musically, ‘Or So I Thought’ combines both of our strong suits – Jonah is an extremely smooth jazz-oriented guitarist, and I love writing concept-driven jazzy/mellow R&B songs.” He continues, “I’ve had this title in my notes for a while and immediately thought of it when I heard Jonah’s playing.” As a pioneer and music creative, he decided to create his own form of Alternative-RnB music aspiring from those artists that he grew up listening to and his surroundings.

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The track is officially released for the public streaming, Dadian has embraced a few stages with the “Or So I Thought” single and the crowds are excited. Every single day, he procreates styles that, at the end of the day, are influencing so many other artists and music entrepreneurs to think about originality. Cael Dadian is original and gifted.

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