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Carowinds’s Fury 325 is one of world’s best coasters


November 24, 2016

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It’s a constant battle between theme parks as to who has the world’s best roller coaster. Cedar Fair’s lineup of parks features a plethora of worthy contenders including Millennium Force, Leviathan, and The Beast. However, one coaster stands tall amongst them all, and that’s Fury 325.

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Settled at Carowinds, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, Fury 325 is the fifth tallest coasters in all the world. True to its name, the roller coaster stands at 325 feet, launching riders at speeds of up to 95 mph. Not only is it Carowinds signature attraction, but it might be Cedar Fair’s as well.

Of the world’s five Giga-coasters, Fury 325 ranks as the tallest. It’s a full 15 feet ahead of its closest competition, Steel Dragon, in Japan. Interestingly enough, Cedar Fair owns four of the five Giga-coasters in all of the world, as Millennium Force, Intimidator 305, and Leviathan join Fury 325 at numerous Cedar Fair parks.

Fury 325 is regarded as of the best roller coasters anywhere. It has won numerous Golden Ticket Awards during its brief two years of operation, Best New Coaster in 2015 and Best Steel Coaster in 2016. That’s not including the massive praise it gets from theme park junkies all across the world.

Manufactured by B&M, Fury 325 packs a serious punch for its riders. As previously motioned, the ride is a staggering 325 feet, the fifth tallest coaster in the world, 190-foot width a 95 mph max speed. It’s rea1 90-footbarrel turn, 150 feet horseshoe, and three camelback hills. This coaster is intended for the most extreme thrill seekers.

Before Fury 325, Intimidator was the largest coaster at Carowinds, standing 232 feet. With a coaster such as Fury 325 coming to the park, Carowinds added a second entrance plaza to the park for the increased attendance. Similar to other Cedar Fair parks and select coasters near the front gate, guests can walk right under Fury 325 as they enter.

At $30 million, Fury 325 ranks as Cedar Fair’s most expensive Giga-coaster. When taking into account its 2015 release date, the cost shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And while the future will no doubt mean higher costs and more innovative thinking, Fury 325 will still be regarded as one the world’s best.

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