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Starting your business: Which countries are best for startups?

When you decide to start your own business, the world is your oyster. You may not have considered it but beginning your venture in a nation other than your own could actually be the best course of action. With different countries’ economies varying in degrees of strength and with the scene for startups differing depending on where you go, there are some crunch decisions to make. Starting your new business
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Digital Nod CEO Karishhma Mago on Women Entrepreneurship

Beyoncé has rightly said it in her song that women run the world! There are major corporates across the globe today that are led by women. Take, for instance, Arianna Huffington, the Pulitzer prize winner is one of the most impactful and successful entrepreneurs. Often cited as China’s Oprah, Yang Lan is an example of another woman behind one of the world’s largest media networks, Sun Media. And how can

Author Maziar Rajabi: “I hope that people will be able to imbibe, learn and apply from my book Entrepreneurship in Bitumen”

Young business tycoon Maziar Rajabi is a man of purpose. He leads by example and advises young dreamers to arm themselves with knowledge galore before stepping into the world of business and economics. A lot about entrepreneurship is diving into a deep-sea and not knowing what is going to happen next. As humans, we are always prone to take the easy way out. Our mind is constantly working to help
Scott Bartnick
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Work Remote – Entrepreneur Scott Bartnick Story

There has been huge a shift in American work culture due to the adaptations required by COVID-19. With the change to remote work, there are more companies seeing the benefits as well as the employees welcoming the change. There are many people that sought out this work-life balance pre pandemic, and entrepreneur, Scott Bartnick, had seen the value of freedom and flexibility the moment he entered the work force. Scott
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Investors are Flocking to Industries Unaffected by Lockdowns

The complete global financial market is experiencing something it has never seen before. While market impacts and even crashes are nothing new, never before have we seen one that is so expected and well analyzed. Both large banking consortiums and individual investors have had more than three months to slowly prepare and move their money to sectors like online gambling and gaming, or in futures for essential goods like food
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Russ Lerner funded the breast cancer company

Russ Lerner is a partner of both Elapath and Gismidstream. He partnered with both companies since their interception, and has always contributed to the growth of both companies. Lerner has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry with a proven track record in business conception, development, and financial management. He spent his first 21 years in the oil and gas industry as an independent contractor with ADNOC
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Unique Business Cards That Will Help You Stand Out

Although business cards are small pieces of card stock, they have the power to carry your brand. These minuscule bits of paper speak volumes about your company before you even open your mouth. This product is crucial when it comes to networking among your clients, suppliers, and other business contacts. Your chosen business card design can help you make a good first impression. Even in this digital world, your business
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Entrepreneurship: Well I Trust In US Launches Tiger King-Inspired Mask You Must Have!

Are you a fan of Tiger King on Netflix? Well I Trust In US has launched masks perfect for the whole family, with Tiger, Lion and Panda themed face designs, as well as the American Flag!! “Protect yourself and your loved ones with a mask you and your kids won’t mind wearing.” The masks come in sizes for kids and adults and include options of an American Flag, I Trust