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Can You Work Towards A Healthier Co-Parenting Agreement?

Part of growing up is accepting that things don't always have a happy ending, even if we desperately want them to. And never is that more true than when it comes to the ending of a significant relationship - one that has produced children. Whatever the reasons behind the break up, there is now a bigger issue at stake. The future happiness and well-being of your children can be severely
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Parenting: Things to Keep In Mind When Negotiating Child Support

Divorce happens, and it often leaves an open wound for everyone involved. One household becomes two, and regardless if it was a single or double income household, the funds are no longer shared. Child support is the nasty side of parenting after a divorce. We place a value on material items such as school supplies, prom dresses, and bills, but then there are other aspects of day to day life.
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Parenting: Surviving As A Single Parent!

Parenting isn't easy when there are two of you but doing it on your own can feel overwhelming at times. That is especially true if you've got a young child and have just broken up with the other parent. You're going through all of the grief and emotional upset of a break-up while having to take on all the responsibilities of motherhood / fatherhood alone. Suddenly the stakes are higher:
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Parenting: Best Family Law Options For Child Custody

Whether you’re in the middle of a pending divorce, separation, co-parenting or trying to be a single parent, having the best family law options for child custody is essential. With more and more couples filing for divorce or deciding to co-parent separately the emotional and psychological welfare of  children that are from their union takes paramount over everything else. According to the website, Child Custody Coach—via stats from the U.S.
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7 Steps for Stay-At-Home Moms: How to Fit Yoga into Your Life

Combining the duties of motherhood and those of work can be hectic for moms. They, however, can reap the benefits of yoga for moms whenever they make yoga a workout routine at home. They can even involve their kids whenever they are exercising. Moms can testify that combining duties can be extremely hectic: work deadlines, parenting responsibilities, cleaning up the house, attending social events and having to keep fit through
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You Can Do It: 4 Monumental Secrets of Rockstar Mompreneurs

For many women, being a mom is a full-time job. Their lives are centered around their kids. An average mom’s day involves driving children to school, picking them up from school, taking them to basketball practices or ballet recitals, cooking dinner while checking homework, and, of course, listening to kids and talking with them about everything. Being a mother is what makes you happy and many mothers wouldn’t trade it
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Mompreneurs: Steps Forward for the Moms

The eternal dispute is over your last home-baked biscuit at the table, the self-confident walk of your cousin in the dress sewn by you, questions from your friends, if you take pictures of them in the park, because the weather is so beautiful. If you are familiar with such moments, you should consider whether your passion should remain just a passion, or whether you can turn it into a profitable