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New York Jets: Rebuilding the Franchise, One Player At A Time

By Mike Sigman Eric Decker, David Harris, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Brandon Marshall, and whoever else the New York Jets feel like cutting before the season starts. Now looking at this, most fans would be ravaged and outraged, yet from a business and analytical standpoint, this makes a lot of sense. For fans unfortunately, we are in for a heavy overhaul/rebuild, so enjoy the wins and new faces
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New York Jets Training Camp
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New York Jets: Three Questions Headed into Training Camp

We are ten days from the New York Jets having mini-camp from June 13-15. This will be the final phase of offseason workouts before Training camp gets started in July. The Jets are coming into training camp this season trying to forget about the 5-11 season they had last year. They had an offseason that saw a lot of changes to the personal on both of the coaches side and
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New York Jets NFL NFL Draft

NFL Draft Grades: New York Jets – Best Available was the Theme

In order to properly grade the New York Jets and their draft, I will need to review what positions they needed help with. In my opinion, the Jets needed help with these 5 positions in no particular order. Safety O-Line Tight End Quarterback Cornerback So the jets went into the draft with a game plan they had the 6th pick and everything was breaking their way.  A QB and an RB
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New York Jets NFL Opinion/Editorial

New York Jets: Why It’s Time To Start Being “Petty”

It is an unfortunate year for New York Jet fans, as many want a winning season, but regime runners Mike McCaggan and Todd Bowles look to reboot the system and give it a rookie overhaul. Now while this seems like a good idea to management, with a win hungry now fan base, it could be a nightmare. When the New York Jets released Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall, Jet fans
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New York Jets Way-to-early 2017 predictions: It is going to be a long season

The 2017 NFL Schedule was released last night for all 32 teams.  Before I even get into how I think the team will do this year, I would like to say that this schedule shows where the NFL places the New York Jets. Out of their 16 games, only one is in primetime and that is a Thursday Night match against the Buffalo Bills. Just to put that in perspective,
New York Jets mock draft
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New York Jets: Three round mock draft for 2017 – Do they take a QB?

It seems that the New York Jets are poised for a successful 2017 season. After going 5-11 during the 2016 season, they purged the roster. They would end up cutting ties with several players including Ryan Fitzpatrick, Darrelle Revis, and Nick Mangold. There were people within the New York sports market who were saying that the Jets need to hit a home run and do very well in both free
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New York Jets: 5 free agent targets

The New York Jets were shockingly bad in 2016 after finishing 10 and 6 in 2015. The real shock came from how poorly the Jets defense played. They finished the season ranked 28th in scoring defense along with New York having the 30th ranked scoring offense. So it really shouldn't surprise anyone when I say they need massive help on both sides of the ball. They have the 14th highest
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NFL: The Jets released Brandon Marshall and are set to release more

It seems that the New York Jets are really set to have a new roster for the 2017 season. Over the last few weeks, they have released several notable players. Player such as Ryan Fitzpatrick, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, Nick Folk, and Brandon Marshall. However, it seems that they are not done cleaning house. [Jon] Before I get to the other rumored names to possible be losing their jobs with
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New York Jets: Darrelle Revis was added to the list of Jets players released

After the New York Jets had a mediocre 2016 season where they went 5-11, it seems that the Jets are on a mission to bounce back in 2017. As free agency is not set to begin until March 9th, there are several Jets who will be looking for new homes in 2017. In the last few weeks, the Jets have released quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, kicker Nick Folk, offensive tackle Breno