CBD Oil and Fitness: How They Go Hand in Hand!

CBD oil is making headway in the world of fitness. Athletes and personal trainers are using CBD on the regular.

Regular people are also using CBD before and after their workout routine. Those who are training for a run, marathon, or triathlon are also using it. Here is why it’s a good idea for you to use CBD oil in conjunction with your workout routine.

Reduce Pain During A Workout

CBD oil has gained notoriety for being a healthy analgesic. It works to block the pain transmission to the brain and spinal cord. But it also inhibits anandamide. Anandamide is a compound that is associated with pain regulation. CBD inhibits the absorption of the compound and quiets overactive pain receptors. Temporary muscle strains, muscle spasms, and inflammation of the muscle are easily remedied with a premium CBD oil.

Improve Oxygenated Blood

When we workout, our bodies need oxygenated blood to reach our heart, muscles, and pulmonary systems. Without it, we cause a lot of strain on the body and inhibit a good workout result. CBD works as a vasorelaxant, meaning it relaxes the arteries and veins.

When they are relaxed, they are dilated so blood can flow more freely. With a free flow, blood can run through the pulmonary system and cardio system faster. The pulmonary system is where our blood picks up oxygen to deliver everywhere else. This results in a better workout that keeps our systems functioning at peak levels.

Reduce Inflammation and Recovery Time

We mentioned inflammation before. It’s important to remember that inflammation is a response to injury. It lets us know that there is something wrong. When we build muscle, we are creating tiny tears in our muscles. CBD helps reduce inflammation and promotes the building of new muscle fibers.

Many people will work out a couple of days and take a couple of days off for muscle recovery. It’s a good practice and CBD can help shorten that time with the work it does to our muscles. Shortening recovery time means being in the gym faster and building muscle faster. You can reach your goals quicker when you use CBD oil with your workouts.

Sleep Better

We have read many times about how CBD helps with sleep. Why is it important for a workout? Sleep is when our bodies do a lot of repairing. Our bodies relax, weight is lost, and injuries heal. Exercise is great to help maintain our circadian rhythms.

Unfortunately, many Americans still struggle with sleep with regular exercise. This can cause our workout efforts to not get us to our goals. We may feel like we have “plateaued” or we aren’t able to break a barrier. CBD helps our bodies reduce anxiety, relax, and promote our wake-sleep cycle. I personal use Penguin CBD to help me sleep, and it works like a charm.

Boost Your Mood And Stamina

Have you had those times where a workout felt like too much? Maybe stress from work or relationships keep you away from the gym. It happens to everyone at some point. CBD is popularly used for mood stabilizing for those with disorders.

But you don’t have to have a mood disorder to help boost your mood for periodic sadness. Anyone can take it for when they feel like everything is hard or too much. By increasing your mood, you also increase your likelihood to stick with your workout routine and goals.

Stamina is another issue for some folks. Have you ever been in a workout and suddenly you don’t have the energy? It’s okay, everyone has that moment. Sometimes you need to take a break from working out. But if it becomes a regular problem, your stamina might need some improving.

Studies show that CBD can improve your stamina and make your workouts more enjoyable. CBD works with serotonin, the same chemical that helps your mood. Serotonin also works with your energy stores. If serotonin is low, your energy is often low. By default, as CBD is helping your mood, it is also helping your stamina.

Breathe Easier

Exercise-induced asthma is a problem when it comes to getting the best workout or even trying a workout.

People with this type of asthma will experience a tightening of their airways in the lungs and create an issue with breathing. There are a few symptoms to look for when considering exercise-induced asthma:

  • Coughing – during and after for up to 60 minutes
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightness
  • Fatigue during a workout

You may have just a couple of symptoms all the way up to all of them. This issue can cause people to slow down exercise or even avoid it completely. You can still workout with exercise-induced asthma, many use inhalers.

Or you can use the best CBD oil before and after a workout. As mentioned before, it is an anti-inflammatory and it can lessen the constriction in your airways. If you take it before, it can also keep the body from inflaming your airways in the lungs. Inhalers are filled with chemicals that stop inflammation when it occurs and can have negative side effects on the body. CBD works with your body by controlling its behavior to keep you in a normal state. And it does it without negative side effects.

These are some pretty great reasons to use CBD oil with your fitness routine. It works best with a healthy diet and increased water intake as well. CBD offers so many great health benefits, you will also be taking care of other parts of your body without harming you with chemicals. When buying your CBD you want a premium organic product. Look at the ingredients list to ensure you are not buying a substandard form of CBD.

If you are on medication, do talk to your doctor about CBD use. Some medications inhibit CBD from doing what it should and you may not see the effects you want. Many doctors are now encouraging CBD use for certain ailments and it could help with other problems you are experiencing.


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