The role of a producer is one of the key roles to create a film, commercial or TV show, that’s why we always hear to talk about the powerful Hollywood producers. They are the ones who make the most important decisions in the projects and the ones who take risks.

A commercial producer works with the marketing department to develop the idea for the commercial and then recruit the actors, directors, and production professionals needed to film.

This was the case of Cecilia Salguero, one of the most important commercial producers in Latin America, who is now producing film and TV. Cecilia has been an executive producer for over 20 years. She has produced hundreds of commercials with many prestigious, award-winning directors and has shot all over the world, having worked for Clients such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Nike, VISA, Ford, Citroen, among others.

Cecilia’s work has been recognized internationally with numerous awards. One of the most important projects was the Leica “100 Years” spot shot in Uruguay, which not only won many awards but also caught the attention of the specialized media around the world.

Salguero was born in Argentina but companies from all over the world requested her services, for which she has lived and worked in numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

She has worked in companies such as Dragonslayer, an Australian production company based in Buenos Aires where she started her career at age 19; Salado Films, the top production company in Uruguay where by the age of 25 she was the International Producer. She was for 8 years the International Executive Producer for one of the top production companies in her country, Argentinacine. In Brazil Cecilia spent two years as managing director and executive producer of the São Paulo office at Stink, one of the biggest production houses worldwide with offices in 7 different countries, and the list keeps going…

Currently, this outstanding Argentinean producer has chosen to live in Los Angeles and switch paths to go from producing commercials to producing film and TV.

Producing in film and TV is not easy, but when you have the reputation and career Cecilia Salguero has, it becomes an easier road. Cecilia came to the City of Angels and right away, big projects started to fall on her plate.


In the short time that Salguero has lived in Los Angeles she has already worked on two documentary series for TV and one feature documentary for both Netflix and HBO Max.

One of the series was just released and everyone is talking about it. It is an HBO MAX original documentary on Gwen Shamblin and her Christian weight-loss program.

The other two documentaries will be released soon in 2021 so we can’t give more information for now, but stay posted to find out more soon!


Photographer: McCool

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