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Chandler Jones: Trade Shows Patriots Weary Of Free Agent Market

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The New England Patriots today announced they have traded 2012 1st rounder Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals for 2013 top-10 pick Jonathan Cooper and a 2nd round pick.

The Patriots media and hopefuls will likely be in favor of trading Jones for two reasons.

One, remember his off-field incident this winter with Foxboro PD… I think it played a major part, since Deflategate and the Aaron Hernandez saga you can say Kraft has been trying to be more cautious about players with ANY character concerns.

Two, I think this will be forgotten is the way Olivier Vernon and Bruce Irvin got paid in the open market. The Patriots have not been willing (besides two or three players) to willingly break the bank for players. I have another reason entirely.

It’s because Bill Belichick and the Patriots just think they can put anyone they develop in that spot.

The way they’ve drafted and attacked in recent years in Free Agency at DE has been very aggressive. Geno Grissom, Michael Buchanon and Jabaal Sheard notably. The Patriots did acquire a once very highly touted G, whom they loved in the draft process. In fact, Cooper was 2nd rated G in the 2013 draft but injuries have been a problem for him. If Cooper is what he’s capable of them this deal might make it close to even. I’m skeptical about how you trade a guy who’s very good at his position.

His inconsistencies are simply overstated, he’s shown results. As for Arizona, a team in need of pass rush, basically gets a steal.

They trade an injury prone G and a late 2nd for a guy that I wouldn’t trade without getting a top 10 pick.

Final Verdict: Chandler Jones could set the Cardinals apart from the other teams in the NFC West because the pass rush is their weakness. The Patriots gain a pick that gives them leverage to move up and grab Braxton Miller or another player they covet. I just think the Patriots made a mistake and clearly panicked at next year’s cap situation with Jones, Butler, Collins, fellow 2012 1st round pick Donta Hightower.

If Cooper ends up the player he was supposed to be then it may be a different story. I just get worried with players that have injury problems.

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