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Donald Trump: Having a change of….mind

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I have always prided myself in not making rash decisions, emotionally driven. I have not always been successful in avoiding such mistakes, but when it comes to life altering decisions, I believe I’ve done a good job of avoiding them.

A few weeks ago, I had written an article, detailing my reasons for voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party nominee for President. Those reasons remain valid today. But, a major situation has been unfolding recently, which is having me rethink that decision.

In the last, oh, week or so, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been absolutely ravaged by significant issues, ranging from more Wikileaks releases showing the extent of corruption within the campaign structure, issues regarding the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s financial gains resulting from bilking charitable givings, and the most recent revelation – emails surfacing amid the investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting incident.

I would have to be the most stubborn idiot alive to not be impacted by all this information. Do these latest developments have a greater impact on me, than all the other corruption issues involving the Clintons? No.

Do I consider Donald Trump to be any less detestable than I did last week? No.

Do I believe that Donald Trump is a conservative, who can be relied on to appoint strict constructionist Justices to the Supreme Court, repeal and replace Obamacare, reign in the excesses of government, and return power to the states? No.

So, why the change of heart (I prefer to call it change of mind)? Simply put, Hillary Clinton is too dangerous to be President.

8 years ago, when Obama became the Democratic nominee, I voted for John McCain. I didn’t campaign for him, I didn’t send him money, I didn’t push others to vote for him. This was because I didn’t believe in him, didn’t care for him, didn’t trust him, but I feared Obama.

This is not something that should be viewed as my caving to the Trump supporters, who have attacked me and criticized me for helping to get Hillary Clinton elected. This is also not something that should be viewed as me supporting Trump. I am not.

I watch television shows on CNN and MSNBC, and witness the smugness with which Mrs. Clinton attacks the FBI for further engaging in the email investigation. This woman should be glad that she isn’t ALREADY being indicted, and facing jail time; yet there she is, almost daring James Comey to make the move.

I watch Clinton surrogates essentially talking down to us, and acting like they know more than we do, they know better than we do, and we should just sit down and shut up, because this stuff is irrelevant.

Make no mistake about it, folks – if I do choose to vote for Trump on the 8th, it won’t be an endorsement of Trump. It won’t mean I support him, his ideas, or what he wants to do. It won’t even mean that I think he’ll do any better of a job, than she would.

It would mean that 4 years of Hillary Clinton as President, scared me enough to say “the heck with it.” It would mean that, in a swing state like Florida, where the polls are basically a dead heat, I decided I cannot afford to blow this.

Those living in deep blue states, where Trump will not win, have the luxury of sticking by their guns, and adhering to the principles that have made them who they are, as people, and as voters. Similarly, those living in deep red states where Hillary won’t win, can do the same.

These next few days will decide how I vote. I’m about 75-80% sure that I will vote for Donald Trump. Back in July, Ted Cruz urged all voters to vote their conscience, for which he received a verbal tongue lashing by Trump’s supporters. I was extremely disappointed, when Cruz decided to vote for him. I had considered voting for Johnson to be voting my conscience. I no longer can continue to believe that.

I’m having a change of mind, because Hillary literally scares me THAT MUCH. And, she should scare you as well, unless you share her dangerous vision for America.

He didn’t earn my vote, nor did his supporters. This isn’t a tip of the cap to them, by any stretch of the imagination. This is about stopping Hillary.

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