Nature seems to have made babies super cute so that their parents and guardians will have this instinctual urge to protect them from harm. There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t want a baby to smile at them. That’s why they are dominating the fashion industry today. From everyday clothing to haute couture, you can find children beaming on the covers of magazines and blown up on billboards.

Child modelling is one of the growing trends nowadays. If your child has received a lot of compliments on his or her looks and personality, it may be time for you and your little one to take advantage of this opportunity. Getting into child modelling is no easy feat, but check out these guidelines on how you can effectively manage your kid’s modelling career:

1. Be Sure That You’re Ready

Before you dive right into the industry, be sure that you, your child, and the rest of your family are ready. Talk to everyone involved about your plans and get their consensus. Remember that if you push through with child modelling, both of you and your child will need to commute to multiple agencies to submit your photos, go to castings, and be early for projects.

Another crucial thing to know is that most agencies schedule casting calls on the day or the night before. You always have to be prepared at a moment’s notice. Always brace yourself for unexpected castings and be ready to cancel other appointments, meetings, and parties at the last minute.

2. Capture Their Vibrant Personality

Next, you need to take high-quality photos that catch the essence of your child. The images do not need to be made by professional photographers especially if you have the right equipment. Most agencies post the image size they want you to submit, which generally ranges from 4×6 to 8×10.

Here are some tips that can help you take good pictures of your child:

● Let them lead – Give them the freedom to strike the pose they want. Headshots should be straight, without fancy accessories, but choosing to smile, pout, or grimace should be their call.

● Make them comfortable – Capturing good pictures take time. Do not rush the process. Allow your child to enjoy the time in front of the camera.

● Be alert – Always be ready for the perfect moment. Set your camera to have the fastest shutter speed with a high ISO for catching high-speed moments. Children’s actions are unpredictable, and the priceless moments generally happen when they let their guard down. An example is when they feel like dancing. Those quirky dance moves will show that your child has body coordination, which is one of the essential skills in child modelling.

However, there is also nothing wrong if you decide to hire a photographer who specializes in taking photos of children. Just be sure that your child does not get stressed out with the new people and the environment. Let them have fun and make it as enjoyable as possible for them.

3. Equip Your Child

Sign your son or daughter up for modelling classes or acting workshops. Like any form of art, modelling has techniques that can help your kid produce valuable photos, which will let them succeed in this career. Aside from learning to work with the camera, he or she also needs to learn how to walk the runway. When they are equipped with the appropriate skills for the job, they will feel more confident with what they’re doing and enjoy it more.

4. Find a Reliable Agent

While it may be tempting to manage your child’s career on your own, joining a trustworthy agency will open more opportunities for your kid. They can contact you about potential castings for your son or daughter and you can confirm the schedule with them. They also know the industry better, so they can guide you through the process.

However, there are plenty of scammers on social media today. They pretend to be someone from a particular agency but ask for money up-front. Remember, reputable agencies do not collect fees before your child has even had their project. If you receive a message from someone who says they are a casting director, refer them to your agency and verify their information.


Child modelling is an excellent way to jump start your kid’s career in the fashion world. If you play your cards right and they enjoy being a model, they may even continue to dazzle the industry in the future. However, always remember that your child’s happiness, growth, and safety are your priority.

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