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Chris Pratt: Unlikely Superhero Turned GQ Model


November 18, 2014

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Who says that cover models can’t be superheroes? This month’s GQ features none other than Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, gracing its annual Man Of The Year issue. Of course, Guardians of the Galaxy was the one of the main points of interest.

Pratt, whom is also the star of next year’s Jurassic World, has seen his popularity soar since the release of Guardians of The Galaxy, but the actor has had some success before his Marvel run.

His most notable role might be as Andy Dwyer on the NBC series Parks and Recreation, whom he has played since the show’s debut in 2009.

Pratt has also been featured in numerous big screen films including Moneyball, Delivery Man and Take Me Home Tonight. However, most still know him as Peter Quill, a role Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn says Pratt had to work on.

“I thought, Well, he’s overweight, “said Gunn in the GQ interview” but if that means we have the world’s first overweight superhero, I’m okay with it.”

Pratt responded to Gunn’s comment by jokingly explaining his take on the matter.

“You can make a talking racoon that looks real. Why can’t I just be fat?”

The weight question doesn’t matter though, without a doubt, Pratt has become one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, now he can add GQ cover model to his already impressive resume.

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