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Style: Check Out The Hottest New 2015 Holiday Fashion Trends

From sparkling ruby-red to romantic white dresses, this holiday fashion season is all about the razzle-dazzle! The occasions or holidays are jam-stuffed with get-togethers— many of which happen specifically after work. In case you're similar to the vast majority of us, making a beeline for change into something more merry is impossible. Fortunately, we have a couple of holiday outfit ideas that will quickly take you from day to night
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Business: Careers Relating To The Lapel Pins Industry

Commemorative and lapel pins are crafted with precision and care by experienced jewelry designers. The same effort and detailing goes into lapel pin making just as in the process of creating a jewelry piece. Exclusive lapel pins are gifted away to individuals, who are recognized for their dedicated service or unparalleled achievements. The mission of the service awards industry is to aid organizations in creating a culture of recognizing and
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Style: Wedding Fashion Accessories and Tungsten Rings

Planning your wedding fashion is an exciting experience. Choosing the right wedding dress is a major accomplishment and the next step is to accessorize effectively. While you may want to dazzle your groom and guests with a variety of accessories, it is always a good idea to be minimalist with your jewelry pieces. Metals The first step is to find the perfect match for your dress when choosing metals. Being
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Fashion/Style: Layering Up With Jackets This Fall

It’s finally fall! With temperatures set to drop down, being on trend has some feeling the autumn chills. However, for fashionistas, now is the time to layer up their attire in warm fall colors and follow the trends they have waited for! There is so much happening in the world of fashion that you can’t really decide what to wear that would not look outdated and make you look chic.
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On The Rise: Why Emily Ratajkowski Is A Name That You’ll Never Forget

Emily Ratajkowski might have a hard-to-pronounce last name, but she is certainly easy on the eyes. The 5’6, 24-year-old beauty has become one of Hollywood's newest sensations. But it's not just her looks that are driving her to stardom, it's a promising acting career that has just started to take shape. Ratajkowski(the “j” is silent) first gained critical acclaim as an actress from the Academy Award nominated  film, Gone Girl,
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Fashion/Style: Thanks To Going ‘Pink’, Gigi Hadid Is Fashion’s Newest Superstar

Not many 20-year-olds have the world as their proverbial oyster. Then again, not many are Gigi Hadid. Hadid, a fresh-faced, 5’10 blue-eyed, size two bombshell born and raised in Los Angeles, California is the daughter of former Dutch-born model Yolanda Foster of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Palestinan architect Mohamed Hadid. With the official announcement of Hadid landing the coveted gig of being the new face of Victoria’s
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Fashion/Style: My Never-Ending Obsession For The Perfect Scarf

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction…a scarf addiction. Without rhyme or reason, I do not know where this addiction of mine came from, or where it started, but next to—perhaps—my obsession with men’s cologne, my never-ending search to find the perfect scarf haunts me. With spring finally upon us, now is the time for most men to take their style game to the next level, and
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Fashion/Style: Top Ten Must-Have Menswear Items For 2015

With spring in full swing, now is the time for men to step up their fashion game. Based on my own personal experience in working in fashion and retail, today’s man is needs to be hip, stylish yet mobile and “plugged-in” in terms of gadgets. With various retailers such as J.Crew, Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers getting in their new spring lines, men will have plenty of options to spend
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Fashion/Style: 30 Spectacular Ways To Tie A Tie

Thanks to the blockbuster success—and  Christian Grey-inspired necktie fantasies of women from Fifty Shades of Grey—the classic necktie has never been more popular. Whether it is from Wall Street or Main Street, neck-tying is more popular than ever. Thanks to retailers such as Shirts My Way, which specializes in custom men’s dress shirts, style has been taken to a whole new level in how to tie a tie in a
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Kate Upton Dubbed Sexiest Woman By People Magazine (Slideshow)

The Isley Brothers once asked, "Who's that lady? Who's that lady? Sexy lady, who's that lady?" Well, People Magazine's answer to the question of who's the sexiest lady this year - it's Kate Upton. At 22, Upton has graced the covers of magazines worldwide; most notably she's known for the "exposure" she's received as a Sports Illustrated cover model. Thursday night in Beverly Hills, at the first ever People Magazine