Some actors in Hollywood don’t get the respect they deserve. Christoph Waltz is indeed one of the more under-appreciated leading men in the movie business.

Waltz’s breakout role came in Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 film “Inglorious Bastards”, where he played the ruthless Colonel Hans Landa. In fact, Waltz did such a superb job he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor at the 2010 Oscars.

The actor won the award a second time for his portrayal as Dr. Schultz in the 2012 film “Django Unchained”, which like Bastards was also directed by Tarantino. With his new film, Big Eyes hitting theaters Waltz is looking to add another Academy Award statue to his collection. However, this time around Waltz doesn’t have his eyes set on a supporting actor nomination, but rather one for a leading role, and he certainly makes a compelling case for it.

For all intensive purposes, Waltz will likely not win the Academy Award for Best Actor. With that being said he does a brilliant job in Big Eyes. Playing a less than successful painter named Walter Keane, Waltz uses the art of manipulation to persuade a recently divorced artist–played exceptionally well by the beautiful Amy Adams–that because of his social stature, he should take credit for her amazing artwork.

Manipulation is something Waltz shines in with all his roles. He has truly mastered the art of turning audiences into his own personal puppets. Throughout Big Eyes you are left with the impression that Waltz is out to do good with his forgery, but when greed, money and jealousy get in his way we see a his true, and harsh, intentions.

In the film’s most powerful scene, which is very reminiscent of The Shining, Waltz’s character turns into a man possessed to kill. The scene truly brings the movie to a new level, and we are once again in awe  watching the true brilliance of Waltz.

Christoph Waltz doesn’t need to play the good guy to win over your heart, in fact he might just be better left as the villain.

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