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Cleveland Browns Already Let Down by Seventh Rounder Armonty Bryant

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When are some of these young and immature players going to realize that some people would kill for the opportunity to play in the NFL, much less the Cleveland Browns? On Friday morning at 3:46 am in Oklahoma, Browns seventh round draft pick, Armonty Bryant was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Cleveland made a risky move when they drafted the 22-year old defensive end. In college at Eastern Central, Bryant was suspended three games last season for selling marijuana to undercover agent twice. After blowing a 0.098 breathalyzer, (the legal limit is 0.08 in Oklahoma) Bryant was released from the Pontotoc County Justice Center on a  $500 bail less than seven hours after being arrested.

Where do the Browns go from here with Bryant? What makes this worse is that Bryant had fed the Browns a line just a week ago saying, ‘”Now that I’ve gotten that second chance, I feel like I won’t let anyone down. I won’t let myself, the people around me or the Cleveland Browns down. I appreciate them for taking this chance on me.”

You’re a terrible salesperson Mr. Bryant.

Was there really a spot on this roster anyways for Bryant? NFL analyst, Mike Mayock did applaud the Browns for taking Bryant after the draft. “That’s one of my favorites. He’s got an explosion to him. I thought he was worth the risk, and apparently so did the Cleveland Browns.” Mayock said. When does character outweigh talent though?

Now, Bryant must say a prayer and hope that he is given an opportunity in training camp. The Texas native will start from the bottom and try to work his way up. If Bryant can’t recover from this, it will be a short stay in the NFL for the youngster.


Ryan Ruiz is the Cleveland Browns Beat Writer for The Inscriber. You can follow him on Twitter @ryanpruiz24 and Facebook: Ryan (Browns Writer) Ruiz.

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