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Cleveland Browns: Should Jonathan Allen Be The Pick At No.1?


February 13, 2017

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Thanks to an ill-timed and even more ill-advised video by Myles Garrett pleading for the Dallas Cowboys to trade up to take him at No.1, could the Cleveland Browns pass on him for former Alabama defensive tackle Jonathan Allen instead?

Allen, one of the nation’s most disruptive defensive lineman both against the run and pass, could be in play at No.1 overall, thanks to a combination of power, strength and being a better fit in new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams 4-3 base defense.

A classic three-technique, Allen—in my opinion—offers better scheme versatility in being able to slide out to play a five-technique in playing defensive end if needed. More than likely though, Allen would line up next to Danny Shelton at defensive tackle with defensive ends Emmanuel Ogbah and Jamie Meder or Carl Nassib outside to suddenly give the Browns a formidable defensive line.

In watching Alabama all season long, Allen displayed more explosiveness off the ball in being able to rush the QB, stop the run and be an every down player, as opposed to Garrett who seemed to show laziness and vanish against superior teams.

The Browns need an Allen-type of player more than Garrett. Fact.

Depending on what they do at No.12 in selecting either a defensive back, linebacker, pass-catching tight end or even quarterback, the Browns need to address areas of need in taking the best player available.


Based on the fact that they play in the rugged AFC North and face physical teams such as Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati, the Browns need to be able to rush the quarterback, stop the run and be able to defend against the pass, which is why I feel Allen is also better than Garrett is that he is better at doing both.

It is also why I feel that Cleveland would be wise to take possible targets at No.12 such as Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, Marcus Lattimore and Malik Hooker out of Ohio State or tight end O.J. Howard, also out of Alabama.

Call this a knee-jerk, over-reactionary column all you want in reference to Garrett and his video, but the timing of it—which was done on Dec.1—and sudden retraction of it being a joke, just isn’t a good look, by either himself or by his agent, as he could seriously be passed over by the Browns at No.1 overall, and miss out on millions.

Per Forbes.com contributor Jason Belzer’s article titled, 2016 NFL Draft 1st Round Rookie Salary Projections, look no further than current Miami Dolphins tackle Laremy Tunsil—who was once considered a top-five pick—who slid all the way down to No.13 after a video of him smoking marijuana on his Twitter account in a mask surfaced right before the draft, which ended up costing him an estimated eight million.

Based on last year’s NFL rookie salary, Garrett is in line to make $27.9 million with a $18.5 million signing bonus included. So, again, why would Garrett even make such a plea to go to another team, that in reality couldn’t even give the Browns comparable draft picks and/or compensation?

Garrett may or may not slide due to his “joke”, but stranger things have happened before in the draft. No doubt that other teams in the draft may also reconsider him on their board, as questions about his maturity and commitment to playing for their team.

Honestly, Stanford defensive lineman Solomon Thomas—one of the fastest risers in the draft—looks like a better option—than Garrett right now.

While humorous and light-hearted, if the Browns do decide to pass of Garrett for Allen, it will be the former Aggie who will become the punch line instead of Cleveland.

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