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Cleveland Browns: Three Dawg Bones to Victory

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If the Cleveland Browns haven’t hit rock bottom yet, they certainly can today against the Jacksonville Jaguars at First Energy Stadium. The reality is the Jags have won their last two contests and the Browns have lost five of their last six games. Here are three important things that must happen in order for the Browns to come out victorious on this first day of December.

Dawg Bone #1

Prove us all wrong, Brandon

Browns quarterback sounded off in the media this week about how Browns fans on Twitter are “5 year olds”. Like Peter Griffin from the Family Guy, you really “Grind My Gears” Mr. Brandon Weeden. You have regressed every game this season and didn’t do much to finish strong your rookie year. The fact is if third string quarterback and Cleveland native, Brian Hoyer does not go down with a season ending injury, you are never mentioned again and most likely out of the NFL in 2014 like so many others. So now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is Brandon. If you think you are so great and wonderful, then do something today! Win a football game for your team!

Dawg Bone #2

A Star on Sunday

If Weeden is unable to perform well, it is going to take someone on the Cleveland offense to emerge as a star for this game. Whether it be Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron, Greg Little, or even Fozzy Whittaker, someone must step their game up today and make a strong impact. The Browns need a monster game out of someone today to beat this now confident Jaguars defense.


Dawg Bone #3

Create some Turnovers

While the Cleveland defense has been very good in many categories in 2013, they are among the worse in creating turnovers. That is the Browns’ Achilles heel. The Browns must attack the Jags offense by scratching and clawing at that ball. Opportunities will be there, Cleveland must execute though. If the Browns can get at least two turnovers today, their chances are better. Jaguars quarterback, Chad Henne has thrown nine interceptions this season in eight games.


Ryan Ruiz is the Cleveland Browns Beat Writer for The Inscriber: Digital Magazine. You can follow him on Facebook: Ryan (BrownsWriter) Ruiz and Twitter @ryanpruiz24. Ryan is also a Browns correspondent for The Sportsfix. Tune in every Friday at noon on www.thesportsfix.net. Have a question or comment for the “ASK Ryan” column on Fridays? Email Ryan at [email protected]

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