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Cleveland Cavaliers : C Andrew Bynum’s First Start vs. Bulls, Great Sign For Cavs

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(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)


Cleveland Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum got his first start of the season Monday, which is a great sign for the Wine and Gold.

Bynum came into the season as a 7-foot-tall question mark for the Cavs after sitting out all of last season.

Early in the season, he has looked great at times and has gotten fans excited. At the same time, he has also told reporters recently that he is still in pain, basketball is not as fun for him as it once was and he does not know if he will get back to where he once was.

Cavs fans may not know what to think, but they should be very encouraged by the fact that Head Coach Mike Brown started Bynum on Monday against the Chicago Bulls and that he said after the game that Bynum is a starter and needs to be on the floor.

Bynum shot 3 for 5 from the field and 5 for 5 from the free throw line to total 11 points on Monday night. He also pulled down 6 rebounds and had 2 blocked shots. It was not a dominating or great performance, but it was a good night for Bynum. He played nearly 21 minutes and had an impact.

It was nice to see him with the starters and it was a positive sign to see him on the floor.

The Cavaliers announced on Tuesday that Bynum had to leave the team for a family medical matter, but he is expected back on Saturday and hopefully will be in the starting lineup once again.

Anderson Varejao is a great player for the Cavaliers, but he has battled injuries over the last few years just as Bynum has. Varejao and Bynum are very different players, but Bynum is a better offensive player when healthy and Varejao is probably a better defensive player and rebounder.

Both bring a great deal to the Cavaliers when healthy, and the Cavaliers will be a better team as the season goes on as Bynum gets more and more comfortable in the offense.

With Bynum starting and being an offensive force, Varejao can come off the bench to bring energy and defense, and it all should be a good combination.

Bynum is going to get better as the season goes on, just as the Cavaliers team is going to get better as the season continues. This is a team with a new coach and a lot of new parts, and it is going to take some time to gel.

As the team gains experience and as Bynum gets healthier, the Cavaliers are going to rely on the big man more and more. It’s great to see the big man starting for the Cavaliers, and hopefully it is the start of some big things for the team.


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