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Cleveland Cavaliers : Early Failure or Work In Progress?

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If you look at the talent on the team and the expectations coming into the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers look like an early-season failure. The Cavaliers have one of the best point guards in the league in Kyrie Irving, two of the best big men (when healthy) in the league in Andrew Bynum and Anderson Varejao and a collection of talented players around them.

Just looking at the lineup, this appears to be a team that should be much better than 7-13 and a team that should not have suffered as many big losses as it already has.

At times, the Cavaliers look like the Wine and Gold team from last year when they would often come out flat and get blown out. It’s been frustrating to fans to see this, especially when fans were hoping for a fast start.

This year should be the perfect opportunity for the Cavaliers to make some noise in the Eastern Conference and at least make the playoffs. With Derrick Rose injured, the Brooklyn Nets underachieving, the New York Knicks imploding and few teams stepping up, the only for-sure playoff teams in the East are the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.

Looking at it early in the year at least, this season is the best opportunity in a long time for the Cavaliers improve their record and move up in the standings.

So why isn’t it happening?

First of all, it’s only December and the Cavaliers put a lot of new parts together on this team. With a new coach and several new players,

it should have been expected that the team would get off to a slow start. Fans wanted a fast start or at least a .500 start, but at least the Cavaliers have shown some positive signs and it’s natural that it takes the team a little bit of time to figure things out.

The good news is that the team looks like it is coming together. The 88-82 win over the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers Saturday night showed a lot of positives for the Cavaliers, and the team has a chance to make some noise throughout the rest of the month.

The Cavaliers have 13 games left in December, and they have a great chance to go at least 8-5. Doing so would get the team a little closer to .500, move the team up in the standings and give fans hope that the Wine and Gold can be contenders yet.

So don’t get too down yet, Cavaliers fans. The team is on the way up…..at least we hope so.



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