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People develop different kinds of hobbies. Some of us have hobbies because they are bored or want to kill time. However, hobbies are more than just that. They served as an important way to relieve and cope with stress. Having a hobby is a way to keep an individual mentally active, creative and it gives a sense of accomplishment. It gives us some kind of enjoyment during our free time not to mention it gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. 

Having a hobby can differ from one person to another. While some people find enjoyment in sewing or gardening, some may find it exciting to collect things such as paper bills, antiques, paintings and even collecting perfume bottles. Yes, collecting perfume bottles – whether it’s empty or not. Did you know that the trend of collecting perfume bottle just surface recently? Did you know that influences or bloggers actually buy empty perfume bottle because they want to give an idea that they are living a seemingly perfect life? Yes, collecting empty perfume bottle can be a good hobby as it can earn you some money if you want to.

When collecting perfume bottles, you need to choose what you like, what catches your eyes and let it your collection evolves as time pass by. Do you know some perfume bottles are so limited you can’t find it anywhere else in the world? These are perfume products that are on limited edition which means, they only manufactured several pieces of it and sell it on a higher price. The bottles used for these perfumes are perfect to add on your collection. 

Reasons to make collecting perfume bottles a hobby

The types of perfume bottles are pretty distinctive. Older bottles are more decorative and designed with intricate details when compared to those in the market nowadays. There are also those perfume bottles that don’t have popular brand names on them which make them more attractive because they don’t have a visible trademark. So, what makes collecting perfume bottle an exciting hobby? Here are the lists of reasons:

1. You can make money out of it

If you are not yet aware of this, you might be surprised to learn that the record price for a perfume bottle at auctions ranges from $200,000 and above. And the older your perfume bottle is, the more expensive it can get! Other factors such as bottles with the original scent still on it and bottles with its original stopper and label still on it affect the price of the bottle positively. So, instead of throwing away your empty signature perfume, keep it. Vloggers and beauty influencers may buy it from you. It can’t make you rich but it can it can still give you some pocket money.

 2.For your own satisfaction

There is something with seeing your perfume bottles lining up in your cabinet that makes you feel proud and satisfied. Wouldn’t it be nice to see your perfume bottle collection and see how it accumulates over the years? You will feel accomplished and proud of yourself for being patient in collecting such bottles. And if you want to become a chemist specializing in perfumes or a perfumer, getting yourself familiar with different scents through your perfume bottles is a great start. 

3. Make them useful

Some perfume bottles can be used as display or ornaments because of their beautiful cut and design. Some bottles are also perfect for vases. Just add flowers and you can make your empty perfume bottles useful again. They can be great accents to your home decoration. Old glass perfume bottle will add the antique and classic look of your space. 

Places to find great perfume bottles for your collection

The development of technology made it easier for us to find unique and rare things including empty perfume bottles. The internet is filled with stores and even collectors that shares the same interest as with you.

1. Online collectors

There are many online collectors you could find in the internet like in eBay who also sales some of their collections. It is like hitting two birds with one stone — you will be able to get new perfume bottles to add on your collection, plus you will meet new people with kindred spirit. You will surely learn a lot from each other with regards to your hobby.

2. Antique stores

Try visiting antique stores and you will be surprised the number of bottle perfumes you could find from different places and different eras. And while you are there, you can ask the antique store owner or manager to tell you the story of the perfume bottle of your choice. You are getting yourself a new empty perfume bottle; you also learn about its history.

 3. Auctions

This is where most of collectible perfume bottles are found. Be ready though, as prices of empty perfume bottles sold here can be quite high especially when the bottles are a limited edition or it has been passed down from generations to generations. However, if you think the items are worth the price, then why not consider adding them to your collection right? 

Collecting perfume bottles can be a great way to let out your creativeness. Whether it’s a perfume bottle made from antique silver or a bottle with a beautiful cut glass, collecting them can be a great hobby as each of them is an individual work of art. 

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