Criminals have long taken advantage of the dark to break into homes and businesses without being detected. Color night vision security cameras have changed the game, as license plates, faces and other details are now detectable. This gives home and business owners more security coverage and helps police identify criminals. With new technology by Lorex, nocturnal cameras can deliver high-quality color videos in low-light conditions, providing extra cover for intrusions and theft. Let’s look at how this technology works and why it’s a game changer for both home and business security.

Better Image and Video Quality

The 8.51 megapixel Sony Exmor R CMOS image sensor delivers highly detailed 4k resolution so that no details are left to question. The recording happens at 30 frames per second (fps), yet high-efficiency video coding compresses and minimizes video file sizes so that files can be downloaded or transferred quickly. Intruders often like to move quickly. Capturing footage at 30 fps allows details to be caught even in people or vehicles that are on the go.

Color night vision cameras are able to produce crisp and clean footage in the dark thanks to Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology, which filters out noise caused by motion and dimly lit settings. This helps the cameras deliver accurate security footage, even when things are moving quickly in the night.

Night Vision

Lorex security camera lenses are equipped with infrared LED lights that shine invisible light on whatever scene being shot. This enables nocturnal cameras to see even in complete darkness, by detecting the infrared light that reflects on the scenery. Although the cameras require low-light conditions to produce full-color images and videos, high-quality footage can still be shot in complete darkness, with contrast illuminating details on people, vehicles and other objects.

Because intruders often prefer night-time hours to break into businesses or homes, ensuring your security cameras have high-quality night vision is well worth the investment so that you don’t miss a thing that happens in the dark.

The Color Vision Difference

Other outdoor security cameras with infrared technology automatically switch from color to black-and-white mode when outdoor lighting conditions decline. Lorex Nocturnal cameras with color night vision possess image sensors that are particularly more sensitive to light, allowing them to absorb more visible light and deliver full-color images in low-light conditions.

When it comes to night-time security, color vision can end up being the difference needed to detect intrusions and theft. Color adds details that bring events to life. It provides clues to identify people, such as eye color, hair color and clothing color. It can also identify the colors of objects connected to crimes, such as vehicles. The contrast full-color video provides can help you read license plate numbers and discern facial features. The lack of contrast and color in most security footage is what impedes law enforcement in obtaining evidence required to bring criminals to justice and prevent future crimes.

Extra Cover for Intrusions and Theft

Besides the additional coverage provided by full-color night vision, Nocturnal audio security cameras also discern voices to pick up on events that take place off the screen. The color night vision cameras from Lorex are built with the same aluminum used in airplanes and cars to endure all weather conditions, from freezing temperatures to down-pouring rain. With this cutting-edge technology, security can’t be defeated by location or timing. There’s full coverage around the clock, and more details than ever can be accounted for.

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