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Exciting Vape Products For 2019

For both experienced vapers and those new to vaping, 2019 is just around the corner and promises more exciting vape products to answer the industry’s growing need for customization, scope, and diversity within the product line.

Advanced Tech with Mods

Mods are fast catching up with vape pens regarding new technology. As a broader, more powerful choice for vapers compared to pens, mods are expected to keep up with demands in tech advancements in 2019. Looking forward, some advancements vapers are looking for include:

– Customization

– Digital display

As well as this, it has been suggested that touchscreen features and fingerprint recognition could well be considered in the re-design of mods. Built-in juice storage is another suggestion that has been made. As vapers become more familiar with products, they are expecting more choice and improvements to make every vape a more flexible, enjoyable experience suiting the vaper.

Companies are also working to improve tank size to provide larger capacities. Meanwhile, more effective atomizers are expected to offer vapers a more immersive experience with their vape mods.

More Product Choice

As advancements in particular products of vape improve, it is understandable that, in general, product choice will expand in 2019. The business is expected only to increase as vapers may wish to explore new flavors for a more refreshing and revitalizing smoke. Limited options are a thing of the past; as more tech-savvy advancements appeal to a wider audience, the industry is rightly capitalizing on this. For an idea of the kind of products now available, head to NJOY who offer a range of choice for every sort of vape experience.

Flexibility With Kits

The industry is listening to its audience by improving and modifying vape kits. This was a rising trend in 2018, but can be expected only to get better looking forward. Some pod kits were available, yes, however, some were limited to a small selection of juices. Kits are expected to offer more scope with flavor, versatility, size, power, price and battery life, suiting the modern vaper. Customization and ease of use seem the key considerations for vaping industries, who must keep up with the tech-savvy within the market in order to compete.

Even further advancements with e-cigs

E-cigs can be said to have kickstarted the vaping trend. They still lead the industry, and are a popular choice, with consumers seeking products that last longer than ever before. It means that for 2019, performance is the focus for e-cig companies. More portable devices are also expected to become available, as more research is being done into how companies can provide a vaping experience without constricting, large and bulky designs. Customizable vaporizers are another potential industry niche that will be tapped into in the coming year.

Better battery life

Across the board, it is expected that battery life will be the main focus for 2019, as developers try and find ways to expand battery power to keep up with vapers who want simplicity with their vape. There is nothing more frustrating for a vaper than wanting to vape and finding their battery is low only a short while after charging it. That isn’t to say that long-lasting batteries are not a new development. However, as new products are developed continuously to keep up with the evolving market, similarly battery design must evolve to adapt to match the performance and overall USP of the new vape products that will lead the industry next year.

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