Gone are the days when the word marijuana or cannabis conjured up images of hippies at Woodstock high on the ‘love drug’ and good music. Thanks to modern science, and open-minded lawmakers, the human race can once again benefit from this all-natural plant. It’s proven to be a tremendous pain, insomnia, and anxiety remedy, to name but a few.


You can put every part of the cannabis plant to use, and besides the fantastic medical and healing agencies it presents, there’s more to this little leaf than meets the eye. Up until recent years, you had to keep your cannabis stash-box very secretive. Fortunately, that all changed, and it’s great news because this little plant offers an excellent variety of medical benefits. It’s now easier than ever to obtain a medical marijuana card with the help of Green Health Docs, a team of pain medicine physicians, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, whose goal is to give patients easy access to medical cannabis as an alternative to traditional pain medications and addictive drugs.


The two primary components of the cannabis Sativa plant are CBD or Cannabidiol, and THC, which is the ingredient that causes a “high.” It’s believed that many tribes have used cannabis medicinally since 750 B.C.


Let’s look closer at some conditions you can treat with this miracle plant.

Dravet Syndrome Seizure Reduction

According to an article in Forbes, patients with a rare and debilitating type of epilepsy had a 50% decline in seizures while using a cannabinoid treatment. The F.D.A finally approved a new drug known as Epidiolex that’s proven to reduce seizures. 


Patients can take it from as young as 24 months old. The clinical trial included more than 500 patients, and they combined the CBD extract with other medications. 

Anxiety and PTSD

According to a Neuropsychopharmacology journal study, students with social disorders dealt much better in situations that would typically lead to anxiety and stress. They administered the CBD during a public speaking task, and patients showed reduced cognitive impairment and nervousness.


According to studies recorded in the National Library of Medicine, each person will react uniquely to the use of cannabis in the treatment of PTSD or anxiety. It’s due to the pathophysiology of anxiety and individual social, environmental, and neurobiological influences.


One of the most significant applications of cannabinoids is in the fight against cancer. Every one of us knows somebody, or of someone, that’s fought a battle with the “Terrible C.” It’s a fact that cannabis actively fights certain strains of the disease. 


Patients with brain tumors smoked weed to help with pain management long before governments legalized it. We shouldn’t condone illegal practices, so it’s cause for celebration that such patients don’t have to break the law anymore to find relief. 


They can now legally sign up for a smoking subscription box and treat their pain while being treated with loads of smoking goodies too.


Families with autistic children have steadily increased their practical use of medical marijuana in the last decade. They are indeed relieved that they don’t have to use cloak and dagger methods anymore. 


Doctors now prescribe various products such as oils, dried flowers, and resins to use directly or incorporate them into patient’s diets. They use it to treat, specifically, chronic pain, epilepsy, and insomnia in autistic children. 


Doctors also use cannabis successfully to control the violent mood swings of patients with autism. It’s calming effect assists in managing their moods and sometimes destructive behavior.

Take Away

The cannabis plant is like a miracle straight from mother earth. Although the medical fraternity has already discovered multiple benefits, there’s undoubtedly an array of others still to follow. 


Make use of the incredible medical advantages and get your cannabis oil from your favorite suppliers. It seems that with a small amount of CBD oil a day, you might just keep the doctor away.

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