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Tips for Trying Cannabis and Avoiding Side Effects

Marijuana has had a historic decade of legal victories for both medical and personal consumption. As of 2019, 33 U.S. states have legalized marijuana in some form or another, whether it be unfettered access for recreational use or for use under strict medical guidelines. With over half of the country having the ability to partake in marijuana legally, many people who have never tried it before obviously have plenty of
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Can Marijuana Help Relieve Anxiety and Chronic Pain?

Marijuana has been hailed as a treatment for several conditions in recent years. In states where medical marijuana is legal, it’s been used to relieve chronic pain, minimize nausea caused by chemotherapy drugs, reduce the effects of active seizure disorders, and increase the appetite of patients suffering from HIV, nerve pain, and other chronic conditions such as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. GERD affects nearly 20 percent of the adult population in
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Blog: The Truth about Marijuana, the Medicinal Drug

Marijuana is an herb that since time immemorial has been used for achieving euphoria. Is Marijuana a medicinal drug? This is yet to be confirmed though some people claim to have used it for medicinal value. As much as use of Marijuana is illegal is many countries, from 2737 B.C, marijuana was described in a Chinese Medical compilation. It is made from chemicals called cannabinoids. The chemical is extracted from
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Politics : Are Marijuana Raids a Bigger Priority Than Rape?

Lori Duckworth, her husband Lee, and several other Oregonians were subjected to frightening paramilitary raids on Thursday. They were handcuffed, their property ransacked and they were thrown in jail for providing medicine to patients. Their alleged crime is that they recouped too much reimbursement for the medical cannabis they provided. State and federal laws ban the sale of the drug. Oregon allows medical marijuana growers to recoup the costs of
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Kick Back, Relax, and Legalize Marijuana

Public support for legalizing marijuana has gained traction and for the first time in the history of the United States. In the latest nationwide survey of 1,501 people polled in mid-March about the subject 52 percent of those surveyed favored making weed legal, and 72% said that efforts to enforce anti-marijuana laws bring more cost than benefit. Medical marijuana available through prescription only gets used to treat a variety of disorders including the loss of appetite,