Different Types of Tires and Why They Matter

Not all tires are created equal. Much in the same way that there are different kinds of footwear appropriate to wear for specific occasions, tires also have different types precisely to give you the best performance and safety on the road as much as possible.

Here are the different types of tires, and why it’s important for you to use the right one for your trip during a particular season.

All-Season Tires

As the name suggests, this type of tire is good for use all year-round, regardless of the season. This makes it a very convenient option because it does away with the need of switching tires along with the changes in season. Basically, this means that its properties are good enough to travel in either wet or dry conditions.

Most cars will come with all-season tires as stock parts when you buy them. However, although they’re good to go throughout the year, for the most part, there are still certain road conditions that will require custom tires Calgary shops can provide.

Summer Tires

This type of tire is designed to perform in particularly dry conditions. What makes this distinct are its tread patterns that not only provide performance power but also minimize the noise created as it rolls on the ground.

They also work great for the rainy season, given that they do have enough traction to offer stability during the ride.

Winter Tires

Ice and snow are trickier elements to deal with on the road, and that’s why you need custom tires to ensure your safety during winter driving. What makes winter tires different from the regular ones is that it features more grooves and much thicker treads than usual–this is crucial for gaining better traction on slippery surfaces, thereby allowing you to have better control.

They may also have additional studs incorporated in them to have a much stronger grip and traction on the ground, although some regions do not allow studded tires, so make sure to check that first.

All-Terrain Tires

If you’re the type who loves going on various adventures, having a reliable set of tires that can carry you through any kind of terrain is crucial. All-terrain tires usually come as default on sports utility vehicles and trucks. They make for a very good investment because they’re good for both city and off-road driving.

Your trusted custom tire shop should be able to give you more options and good advice for the kind of tire you need to get you safely on the road.

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