Instagram has emerged as the ideal platform to socialize and connect with people across the world. It is also the perfect choice to start a trend or create a movement.

Viraj Patil of Mumbai is one Instagrammer who is on the path to conquering this social web. And why shouldn’t he? With his amazing content, uplifting work, and optimism he is someone you would want to follow and take inspiration from.

With his recent fitness transformation, he has accelerated a new trend.

According to him, ‘Commitment to your fitness keeps you happy and helps you succeed in the long run.’

Well, who doesn’t want to be fit and famous? But that requires a lot of pain and exhausting yourself. Viraj Patil is both fit and famous, and he urges the youth that follows him to commit to your fitness. It is healthy, not just good for your physical mind but also helps you perform better in different areas of life. It adds discipline to your life and the struggle, sweat, and being out of breath helps you learn to achieve your goals with the same vigor.

Being a well-established consultant by profession and residing in Dubai for work, Viraj has not always been this confident in life. He belongs to a lower-middle-class family of Mumbai who has seen his share of hardships in his childhood. His parents’ struggle to provide him with a better life, their constant battles over lack of finances, and their efforts to sustain their distorted relationships for him, left a deep sense of grief within him. He became quiet, minding his own business, kind of a boy who never shared his feelings with anyone. He got bullied for it, he also got mocked for it. That only added fuel to the fire that burnt inside him until one day, he decided to channel it in a positive direction.

He decided to use his social media platform to help people like him, who had no one to speak to, no one to express their feelings to. He decided to be a ray of hope for those who sought light in life. He knew from his experience that there are many people out there who are walking, talking, and living a seemingly normal life but have a fire building up inside them, ready to explode any second and take everything down with them.

Viraj Patil wants to motivate such people through Instagram, to channel their energies positively. He assures them that with a change in mindset, they too can prosper in life.



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