Does it seem that your male pattern baldness has gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic started? It actually may have, read on to see why. 

Dealing with the COVID crisis has affected our lives in so many different ways. Many of us have been out of work, attempting to home school kids in subjects we have no clue about, and no doubt tons of people have either lost loved ones, caught the virus, or worried because either they themselves or a family member is compromised and they fear what the outcome would be if diagnosed.  

While medications and genetics play a big role in the way your hair grows, or doesn’t, hair thinning and loss has many different causes and stress is a big one. When we are stressed, our body produces larger amounts of the hormone Cortisol. The effect that this excess Cortisol production has on the hair follicles can result in new hair loss as well as compound hair thinning that had previously begun so it is not far fetched to think the pandemic has not exacerbated it. 

Hair follicles are very sensitive to hormonal changes and Cortisol is one that will actually put the hair into it’s shedding phase prematurely. Hair follicles that are actively producing hair will suddenly stop and shed rather than continue growth. Men may experience this type of sudden increase in hair loss due to the fact that for many men they are the provider, “head of household”, and the one the family looks to to let them know everything is going to be ok, this can cause additional stress especially during a crisis.

The good news in regards to hair loss that is stress related, unlike the effects of other hormonal causes, most of the time it is not permanent. Once the cause of the stress is gone or reduced you should see an improvement. 

An additionally effective way to treat hair loss caused by the stress of COVID is to use hair care products that have the ability to promote the anagen, or growth phase, of the hair growth cycle  One product in particular that is highly recommended is the Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo from Hair Restoration Laboratories.

It is not just our site that believes that this shampoo is among the most effective for men and women struggling with hair loss or thinning  Over the past few years, we have observed numerous other prominent sites likewise declare it among the “best of the best” to effectively fight hair loss and allow you to grow the best possible head of hair. 

Key Ingredients In The Professional Strength Shampoo

While this shampoo has a large list of important and beneficial ingredients, a few truly stand out:

Ketoconazole — This ingredient has ample scientific evidence backing to prove its benefits towards hair growth. Besides reducing androgens on the scalp, Ketoconazole significantly improves dandruff symptoms such as flaking and scalp itching. Here is a link to one study showing Ketoconazole to be as effective as Minoxidil in growing hair:

Saw Palmetto — Most people who have ever conducted substantial research on finasteride prior to starting the drug first tend to look into natural alternatives. Saw palmetto is the most popular natural product that reduces DHT. It is obtained as an extract from the berries of the palm tree bearing the same name. There are many research studies that show saw palmetto extract to significantly reduce DHT levels.

Pumpkin Seed Oil — This popular oil has been shown to modestly block the hair-destroying effects of 5-alpha reductase. In effect, this antiandrogenic effect leads to healthier hair growth and reduced shedding. Moreover, pumpkin seed oil contains beta-sitosterol, a very popular natural ingredient to counter hair loss. A lot of experimenters use saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol combination treatment for hair loss, via supplement intake.

Others — A host of other ingredients in this shampoo aid hair growth via less well known mechanisms. This includes via stimulation (caffeine); antioxidants (green tea and extract and black seed oil); improved circulation (pygeum africanum bark extract and cayenne fruit extract); and protein synthesis (biotin).

To learn more about the Professional Strength Hair Restore Shampoo, and why hair loss experts repeatedly recommend it for those seeking to prevent hair loss and promote stronger, thicker and healthier hair, click here.

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