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Manuel Marinari, A New Concept of Influencer Social Media Manager

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Manuel Marinari attracted the spotlight a few years ago when he was an emerging Influencer, nowadays he is the Founder and CEO of Sway Society, a Social Media Agency known around Asia and recently in Europe and America as well.

The Italian man started as an Influencer on Instagram becoming quickly popular on the platform, thanks to his notoriety over the years he got many gigs and collaborations with various brands and companies.

Manuel also travelled across Asia and learning about Asian culture, travel blogging and content creation before settling in Taipei, Taiwan in 2017 and starting to run Sway Society.

Last year he landed on TikTok, he was one of the very first visionary to see the huge potential of TikTok as the “new app” where to be. His following is pretty consistent on Facebook and Linkedin too.

Marinari decided to step up and intensified the activity of his Social Media Agency, thanks to the experience he gained working in this field for years he was able to put together a solid team able to understand the real needs of the clients based on their goals.

The difference between him and many other Social Media Managers is that he is known, always exposed, his agency is not just a name but it has a face too, different from many others in this industry that basically hide behind a logo or a brand.

Manuel values transparency with his clients more than anything else, he has been on the other side for long and he definitely knows the feeling. He is the perfect example of a very dynamic, active and ambitious person.

His understanding of the Social Media Platforms and his market strategies are a guarantee for individuals and businesses, Manuel is definitely ready to take Sway Society to the next level, his ambitious new project is called Sway Squad and it’s the first high-end social media management ever offered in the market, especially studied for public figures and famous athletes.

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