By Nina Simons

There are plenty of simple ways to cut your expenses when you are going on a vacation. You can actually enjoy a quality holiday without spending a lot of money.

The majority of people love to travel, but they are aware of how pricey it can get. It is impossible for most vacation lovers to explore new places more than once a year. But, if you minimize your travel expenses you can maximize holiday opportunities.

Avoid Peak Season

To save money travel to a destination in low season. You will cut off your expenses on flights and accommodations. There are discounts on almost everything you want to purchase.

The best thing is that you will be able to pose in front of a statue or sight without other people photo-bombing you. You will avoid the crowds and will not have to wait in line to get in museums, cathedrals or galleries.

Free Activities

You can take a walk through the town and explore its possibilities. It is a fabulous way to experience a new destination for free. Seeing a city’s top landmarks and taking in the most popular tourists attractions is a great option to orientate yourself with a new location.

Sometimes taking time to just sit and watch the world go by is a part of experiencing a new location. If you are witnessing a completely different culture from your own, then people watching is a fascinating pastime. You can imagine where those people are going, or what they do.

Prepare Your Own Food

If you are staying in a hostel or you have rented an apartment, then this a feasible option. But, if you don’t have time for that, you can also eat cheap street food. Skip those fancy dinners especially if you are traveling with family.

Always carry some snacks because the restaurants in the center of the city are known for unaffordable prices. Since the small bottled water is expensive, purchase a case of it to keep it in your room.


If you are a type of person who likes new opportunities and meeting new people, then having a network of contacts on Couchsurfing can help you cut your vacation costs. That way, you will also have someone to show you the city which will save you money. It is pretty convenient that locals are willing to share their homes.

You can experience the world, stay in someone’s house and travel like a local.

If you are an adventurer, you can try hotel hopping, which is the act of switching resort to maximize elite status and points. For example, travelers dream is the overall vibe and the scenery of the islands of Thailand. You will never be bored with the turquoise water, the delicious street food, or the local Thai villages.

Use hotel hopping benefits to explore different cities and accommodations. There is also an option to rent someone’s apartment for a longer period. Many possibilities and apps are on the internet, so find what is best for you.

Compare Transport Options

There are many ways to get to your desired location. And each one offers a different amount of cost, speed, comfort, and safety. Flying is a safe option, and it is only faster when you are taking a long trip, but it will not save you much time when your journey is short.

Trains are more convenient and safer than flying or driving. Especially when there is no need to hassle with airport security, your phone will work throughout the trip, and you don’t need to check your baggage. Also, is better to spend 7 hours of sleeping in a cozy bed then to waste a couple of hours sitting and waiting for a plane, car or bus.

As for the car, you are quite limited to experience travel, especially if you are the driver. But the price per person gets cheaper when you go by car when multiple people travel. You can connect with the drivers who have empty seats via the BlaBlaCar service.

The bus is also a cheaper option, but it is less comfortable.

Saving Travel Apps

To save money on your trip use travel apps. Here are our favorites: Hotel Tonight, Gas Buddy, Transit App, Kayak, Compare Bookings, Groupon, Uber and XE Currency.


If you were delaying your vacation because you are on limited budget, use our suggestions to save a bit of your money on your next journey and travel with no worries.

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